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24th August 2003 - Whistler Caricatures

The English essayist and caricaturist Sir Max Beerbohm was born on this day in 1872.

Beerbohm wrote for publications such as the famous Yellow Book, and for the Saturday Review, and became known for his clever parodies of famous authors' works. Authors who felt the sting of his satirical writings included Joseph Conrad and Thomas Hardy.

Max Beerbohm was also a skilful caricaturist who published various volumes of his drawings during his lifetime. The two sketches below were published in The Poet's Corner by Max Beerbohm (London, 1943; first ed. 1904), and show two occasions upon which Beerbohm turned his satirical eye towards Whistler (in each drawing Whistler is placed on the far left).

Beerbohm was knighted in 1939, and died in 1956.

Blue China (Whistler and Carlyle)
Blue China (Whistler and Carlyle)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, in his back garden
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, in his back garden