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Whistler 2003 - Centenary Journal

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12th July 2003 - A Week With Whistler

For the last five days the Centre for Whistler Studies has been joined by Natalie Brandweiner, a student from Olchfa School, Swansea, who has been doing her work experience at the Centre. Below are Natalie's brief comments on her time with the Whistler Centre:

"During the past week I have been doing work experience at the Centre for Whistler Studies and have found working at the centre really interesting and have enjoyed finding out more about Whistler and 19th century art. Lots of jobs I have done at the centre this week have involved admin. work, such as filing photocopied Whistler letters, and this has allowed me to see more of Whistler's character, and the relationship between Whistler and his associates. Through this I have learned the importance of Whistler's artwork and how he made a significant impact in Victorian art. I also learned through reading some of the letters the many sides of his character that are shown in different ways to different people.

"On Thursday afternoon I visited the Hunterian Art Gallery, seeing much of Whistler's artwork in the show. I thought the exhibition was really good and found it very interesting to see how his work changed as he got older and developed as an artist. I liked how the show provided evidence to demonstrate how many other artists had been influenced by Whistler and how their own artwork reflected his. However, the best thing in the show had to be Whistler's Mother - it was huge!

"I really enjoyed the placement and have found art to be more interesting since being at the Whistler Centre. I have also found that by looking at the history of the artwork and the context in which it was achieved that it provides me with a greater understanding of the pictures themselves."