The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 08232
Date: 15 May 1893
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: David Croal Thomson[1]
Place: London
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC
Document Type: ALS[2]


110. Rue du Bac. Paris.

May 15. 1893.

Dear Mr. Thomson -

Sarasate[3]. I have thought this matter over, and find that I have not approached it in a proper business way at all - Of course there is but one way possible of doing any thing about the reproduction of the picture - and that is by your house[4] purchasing from me the copyright. [p. 2] This would be all settled with Mr. William Webb[5], in a regular and proper way -

Wherefore this letter, in the mean time, cancels any previous careless and unthinking expression of readiness to throw away the copyright & let your people publish the work for fun.. -

If you think it good business, you will advise your house and we can come to an arrangement immediately.

If you don't think it good business and do not propose to do anything in the matter, kindly write and tell me so immediately -

Albums[6]. You had better tell them to send for those I have signed -

If you want the rest of the hundred signed you had better send [p. 3] them over to me (through your house) at once[7], as I can in this way get them off little by little every day - and by & bye I may be going away - and it would be an awful bore to begin again, after getting my hand in as I have now done -

I am sure you will be pleased with the signing, as I have taken trouble and made the difference between the signed & unsigned copies very perceptible -

About the "Lange Leizen[8]" - there is a mistake & I wish to tell you another time - not your fault - but my misfortune! -

Yours sincerely

J McN Whistler

This document is protected by copyright.


D. C. Thomson
The Goupil Galleries
5. Regent Street
[postmark:] PARIS. 10 / R. DU VIEUX COLOMBIER / 8E 15 / MAI / 93


1.  David Croal Thomson
David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more].

2.  ALS
'5C' written in another hand in red ink at top left, '64' in pencil at bottom right of p. 1 and the same on the envelope.

3.  Sarasate
Arrangement in Black: Portrait of Señor Pablo de Sarasate (YMSM 315).

4.  house
That is, the Goupil Gallery (Boussod, Valadon & Cie).

5.  Mr. William Webb
William Webb (b. ca 1851), of G. and W. Webb, lawyer [more].

6.  Albums
A selection of photographs of oil paintings, mostly those exhibited in Nocturnes, Marines and Chevalet Pieces, Boussod, Valadon & Cie, Goupil Gallery, London, 1892. JW signed the deluxe sets with his name and butterfly signature.

7.  once
Double underlined.

8.  Lange Leizen
JW had not intended Purple and Rose: The Lange Leizen of the Six Marks (YMSM 47) to be included in the Album; see his letter to Thomson, [12 May 1893], #08233.