The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 09367
Date: [May/July 1855][1]
Author: JW
Place: [Baltimore]
Recipient: Elias Glenn Perine[2]
Place: [Baltimore]
Repository: Maryland Historical Society Library, Baltimore, MD
Call Number: Manuscripts Department, David Maulden Perine Papers, 1783-1941, MS 645
Document Type: ALS

I believe its a horrid farce, and that instead of having been introduced, as was supposed by My dear Mama[3], to a respectable man of solid business habits, my acquaintance Glenn Perine, is rather disreputable than otherwise - Your profession is evidently a mere myth, and office a fable, for I never find you occupied with anything but a clean shirt or pair of stockings - and even to see you employed to that insignificant extent, I must wait in this public den of yours, feeling all the guilt of a "participis criminis[4]" (?) from the knowledge that society looks upon me as a hardened and reckless man who being without the faintest remnant of principle, is willing bare facedly to sanction, by his presence at the window (with "Grupy & Stansburg[5] - Hides, Leather & Oil" staring fixedly at him from over the way) the humbugging establishment which glories in the possssion [sic] of a "G. Perine["] [p. 2] over the Door, (put there to bamboozle the easily deluded World into the belief that "something is going on inside") while the being himself, is gadding about, loafing, eating crackers and saying things on doorsteps, as troting [sic] out Charles St[6]. with a tolerable good looking young woman - De sorte que, mon cher[7], he can scarcely ever be caught by his best friend

J. Whistler.

who is going tonight to the Ogotins[8] -

'Glenn Perine Esq'[9]

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1.  [May/July 1855]
Perine and JW were apparently close friends by mid-July 1855 (see #06461, #06463).

2.  Glenn Perine
Elias Glenn Perine (1829-1922), stockbroker [more].

3.  Mama
Anna Matilda Whistler (1804-1881), née McNeill, JW's mother [more].

4.  participis criminis
Lat., criminal association?

5.  Grupy & Stansburg
Not identified.

6.  Charles St
The principal north-south street in central Baltimore.

7.  De sorte que, mon cher
Fr., with the result that, my dear fellow.

8.  Ogotins
Ogotin, possibly a nickname or fictional character.

9.  'Glenn Perine Esq'
Written on cover.