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System Number: 01461
Date: [18 August 1889][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London?]
Recipient: Sheridan Ford[2]
Place: [London?]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler F393
Document Type: ALdS[3]

Dear Mr. Ford -

I am sure that not withstanding our you should be sorry indeed and surprised if I you could prove any carelessness of expression have fancied that I supposed any one else better able or more sympathetic than yourself in the do not thoroughly appreciate the qualities of full value of your litterary [sic] judgement and refined taste in the bringing

Let us have no wrong impressions - I thoroughly know that you are just the man [p. 2] to bring to its perfect completion the work[4] in question - Meanw and how lucky I am in having interested you in it -

Meanwhile, without going into further, for I fear that I have an inherent objection to being at all hurried about any thing - do let me recognise slightly the trouble time and pains continue you have taken, to give sh the work collection the shape that it already has -

I enclose therefore cheque for ten guineas - I know do not in this way pretend to measure value your trou the pains you have been at - but in all fairness to each of us you must allow me to see that you are not absolutely so far the loser -

I think for many reasons that we would do well to postpone the immediate consideration of the proposed publication for awhile -

At this moment, a bad one by the way for printing any thing, I find myself deeply curiously interested in t certain paintings, the production of which might appropriately be made anterior to more literature! -

Always sincerely

[butterfly signature]

[p. 3] Dear Mr. Ford -

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1.  [18 August 1889]
Dated by Grantham (see below).

2.  Sheridan Ford
Sheridan Ford (1860-1922), poet, critic, politician and writer on art [more].

3.  ALdS
This is a draft of a letter to Sheridan Ford included as part of 'How the Brush Sought Vainly to Besmirch the Pen', St. Stephen's Review, 21 September 1889; reprinted in Whistler, James McNeill, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, ed. Sheridan Ford, Paris, 1890, pp. 222-26. Reprinted in Grantham, Evelyn, 'The Gentle Art of Making Enemies', The Bulletin of the Boston Public Library, vol. 20, no. 6, June 1945, pp. 278-280; see GM B. 65. The Library owns the original letters exchanged by Whistler and Ford; see #10998.

4.  the work
Whistler, James McNeill, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, ed. Sheridan Ford, Paris, 1890.