The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 12171
Date: [19 June 1875][1]
Author: [John Perry Godfrey?][2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: [James Anderson Rose?][3]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection
Document Type: MsD[4]

In the Exchequer of Pleas
Griffiths v Whistler[5]
Abstract of Pleas[6]

As to first Count except not re hanging a certain hanging
1. Denial of breaches except as aforesaid
2. Equitable plea - Leave and license

As to the hanging excepted above
3. Payment into Court

As to claim for money payable except £48.15.0
4. Never Indebted
5. Payment before Action

As to the residue of the claim for money payable
6. Payment after Action

No cause[7] to show
J. P. Godfrey[8]

[rubber stamp:] JUDGES CHAMBERS

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1.  [19 June 1875]
Dated from date inserted by J. P. Godfrey, possibly the date of receipt.

2.  John Perry Godfrey
John Perry Godfrey (b. 1832), solicitor for E. C. Griffith [more].

3.  James Anderson Rose
James Anderson Rose (1819-1890), solicitor [more]. This document came with JW's legal papers to Rose, although it is not entirely clear who originally wrote it.

4.  MsD
'81a' written in another hand at upper left corner; Documents kept by Rose were numbered. This document is on blue paper.

5.  Griffiths v Whistler
This relates to JW's dispute with Capt. Edward Clifton Griffith, gallery landlord [more], over the Flemish Gallery which JW had leased from Griffith for a year in January 1874 in order to show his works (Mr Whistler's Exhibition, Flemish Gallery, Pall Mall, London, 1874). The dispute centred on JW's redecoration of the gallery; Griffith maintained that JW was liable for the reinstatement of the entire original decorative scheme (E. C. Griffith to JW, #12154). On 29 January 1875 Griffith took legal proceedings against JW, claiming back rent and costs of repair to the gallery (E. C. Griffith to JW, #12140). See also other correspondence between JW and E. C. Griffith between 20 and 30 January 1875 (#01603, #11441, #11442, #11444, #11445, #12145, #12148, #12154, #12165).

6.  Abstract of Pleas
Double underlined.

7.  No cause
'No cause ... 19/6/75' written in another hand, probably that of J. P. Godfrey.

8.  J. P. Godfrey
John Perry Godfrey (b. 1832), solicitor for E. C. Griffith [more].