The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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Selected Letters

This sample shows how letters appear in the full edition. To view a letter, click on the record number at the start of each entry. Click on a note number to see the note, and on the note heading to return to the letter text. A list of abbreviations used in the heading and in the notes, such as 'ALS' ('Autograph Letter Signed'), is given in the general introduction.

06451 1 February 1855, Anna Matilda Whistler to JW
10693 16 March [1863], JW to George Aloysius Lucas
06521 4 August 1863, Anna Matilda Whistler to Deborah Delano Haden
11983 30 September – 22 November 1868, JW to Henri Fantin-Latour
08792 [May/June 1869], JW to Frederick Richards Leyland
02242 [31 January 1873], JW to Louis Huth
02783 9 October [1877], JW to Charles Augustus Howell
04030 [6/13 June 1878], JW to Editor, Mayfair
12813 [3/10 July 1878], JW to Matthew Robinson Elden
02860 [26 January 1880], JW to Charles Augustus Howell
01954 2 May 1880, JW to Charles James Whistler Hanson
(an image of this letter is also available)
03331 [28 August 1886], JW to Gertrude Elizabeth Campbell
06001 14 March 1887, JW to Emilia A. Venturi
05608 [14/18 September 1887], JW to Thomas Waldo Story
10544 [7/14 November 1888], JW to Louise Jopling
02416 [1889/1890], JW to Louise Jopling
06577 [20/30 January 1889], Beatrix Whistler and JW to George Percy Jacomb Hood
05381 [February/March 1889], JW to John Singer Sargent
06583 29 September 1889, Beatrix Whistler to Hermann Wunderlich
06592 [13 June 1891], JW to Beatrix Whistler
06608 30 January 1892, JW to Beatrix Whistler
06825 [30 January/February 1899], JW to Académie Carmen
03196 [29 July 1899], JW to Charles Lang Freer

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