The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 07106
Date: [1876/1878][1]
Author: Garnet Joseph Wolseley[2]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W1096
Document Type: ALS

'to Whistler[3] from Fd Marshall [sic] Wolseley
20 -'



Dear Mr Whistler

It is very good of you asking me again - My last breakfast[4] with you was such a very pleasant one, that it does not require the inducement [p. 2] of buckwheat cakes[5] to make me gladly say yes, to your kind invitation for next Sunday.

very truly yours

G. J. Wolseley

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1.  [1876/1878]
Dated from reference to JW's Sunday breakfasts.

2.  Garnet Joseph Wolseley
Garnet Joseph Wolseley (1833-1913), 1st Viscount Wolseley, army officer [more]. In 1873/4, JW etched the portrait Lord Wolseley (K.164).

3.  to Whistler ... 20 -
Written in an unknown hand, in pencil. Wolseley became a Field Marshal in 1895 (Who's Who 1898).

4.  breakfast
In August 1875, Anna Whistler (who had been living with JW since 1863) moved to Hastings, Sussex for her health. Freed of her motherly domestic influence, JW entertained frequently and extravagantly from 1876 until his bankruptcy in May 1879. His Sunday breakfasts, attended by artistic, literary and social celebrities of the day, became a well-known feature of the London social calendar. JW sent out elegant invitations (see #07385, 09399, 09258) for these occasions which were usually held at an hour closer to a lunch than breakfast. George Henry Boughton (1833-1905), painter [more], Lillie Langtry (1853-1929), née Emilie Charlotte Le Breton, actress [more] and Corney Grain (1844-1895), barrister turned actor [more] were some of the guests. Alan Summerly Cole (1846-1934), textile expert and museum official [more], another regular guest, often recorded the occasions in his diary (see entry for 17 June 1877, #03432 for example).

5.  buckwheat cakes
JW liked to serve hot buckwheat cakes and molasses to his guests (see JW to Alan Cole, #09026).