The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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Surname beginning with  Z  113 names found

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Zagothkin, Mme   [correspondence]
Zambacco, Mary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Zangwill, Israel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Zellweger   [correspondence]
Zezzos, Alessandro  [biography]  [correspondence]
Zilcken, Charles Louis Philippe  [biography]  [correspondence]
Zola, Émile Édouard Charles Antoine  [biography]  [correspondence]
Zola, Gabrielle Alexandrine  [biography]  [correspondence]
Zorn, Anders Leonard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Zotto, Antonio Da  [biography]  [correspondence]
Alex [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Annie [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Anthony [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Arthur [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Auguste [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Augustine [surname unknown]  [biography]  [correspondence]
Betty [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Bridget [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Catherine [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Charles ('Carlos') [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Charles [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Christina [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Debby, Aunt [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Dominique [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Dorothy, Lady [name unknown]   [correspondence]
'Duke' [name unknown]   [correspondence]
Edward [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Eliza [surname unknown] (fl. 1855)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Eliza [surname unknown] (fl. 1869)   [correspondence]
Elizabeth [surname unknown] (fl. 1856)   [correspondence]
Elizabeth [surname unknown] (fl. 1858)   [correspondence]
Ella [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Elsie [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Emma [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Ernest [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Eugène [surname unknown] (fl. 1894)   [correspondence]
Eugénie [surname unknown] (fl. 1860)   [correspondence]
Eugénie [surname unknown] (fl. 1898)   [correspondence]
Euphrasie [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Florence [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Francesco [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Frank   [correspondence]
Frederick [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
George, Dr [name unknown]   [correspondence]
Gertrude [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Giovanni [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Gretchen [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Hannah [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Harriet [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Honoré [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Ivan [surname unknown] (fl. 1848)   [correspondence]
Ivan [surname unknown] (fl. 1848)   [correspondence]
Jane [surname unknown] (fl. 1859)   [correspondence]
Jane [surname unknown] (fl. 1866)   [correspondence]
Jane [surname unknown] (fl. 1867)   [correspondence]
Jean [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Jeanne [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Jim [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
John [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Josephine [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Julia [surname unknown] (fl. 1858)   [correspondence]
Julia [surname unknown] (fl. 1860)   [correspondence]
Kate, Miss [name unknown]   [correspondence]
Katherine [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Kuril [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Léonie [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Lina [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Lizzie [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Louise [surname unknown] (fl. 1898)   [correspondence]
Louise, [surname unknown] (fl. 1897)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Loulou [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Lucy, Aunt [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Maime [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Margaret, ('Maggie') [surname unknown] (fl. 1871)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Margaret [surname unknown] (fl. 1829)   [correspondence]
Margaret, Cousin [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Margaret [surname unknown] (fl. 1869)   [correspondence]
Maria [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Marie [surname unknown] (fl. 1888)   [correspondence]
Marie [surname unknown] (fl. 1897)   [correspondence]
Marie [surname unknown] (fl. 1901)   [correspondence]
Mary, Aunt [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Mary [surname unknown] (fl. 1855)   [correspondence]
Mary [surname unknown] (fl. 1866)   [correspondence]
Mary [surname unknown] (fl. 1868)   [correspondence]
Mary [surname unknown] (fl. 1902)   [correspondence]
Mina [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Mitt, Aunt [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Molly [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Nancie [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Nathan [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Paul [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Peggy [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Peotre [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Peter [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Phil [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Pollie [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Ross [surname unknown] (fl. 1855?)   [correspondence]
Ross [surname unknown] (fl. 1881)   [correspondence]
Sarah [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Simon [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Stefano [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Susan, Aunt [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Susie [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Taddy, Aunt [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Therèse [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Thomas ('Tom') [surname unknown] (fl. 1849)   [correspondence]
Thomas [surname unknown] (fl. 1852)   [correspondence]
Toby [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Topsy [surname unknown] (fl. 1855)   [correspondence]
Topsy [surname unknown] (fl. 1892/1894)   [correspondence]
Violet [surname unknown]   [correspondence]
Walter [surname unknown]   [correspondence]