The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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Sackett, Delos Bennett  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sackler   [correspondence]
Sade, Marquis de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus  [biography]  [correspondence]
Saint-Germier, Joseph  [biography]  [correspondence]
St John, Edward Beauchamp   [correspondence]
Sala, George Augustus  [biography]  [correspondence]
Salaman, Malcolm Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Saleron, Mme  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sales, Francis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Salisbury, Lord  [biography]  [correspondence]
Salmon, Émile Frédéric  [biography]  [correspondence]
Saltensall   [correspondence]
Salter, Peter King  [biography]  [correspondence]
Salting, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sambourne, Edward Linley  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sambourne, John   [correspondence]
Sampson   [correspondence]
Sampson, Leigh  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sampson, Sarah   [correspondence]
Sampson, William Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Samuda, Miss   [correspondence]
Sandbach, William Robertson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sandby   [correspondence]
Sandland, Betsey   [correspondence]
Sandland, Eliza  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sandland, John   [correspondence]
Sands, Morton Harcourt  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sandys, Anthony Frederick A.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sandys, Charles   [correspondence]
Sankey, Ira David  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sarasate y Navascues, Pablo de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sardou, Victorien  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sargent, John Singer  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sarney, Thomas S.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sartoris, Mary H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sassan, Van   [correspondence]
Sassoon, Albert A. D.   [correspondence]
Sauter, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sauter, Lilian  [biography]  [correspondence]
Savage, Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Savage, Reginald  [biography]  [correspondence]
Saxon-Teschen, Duke of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scarron, Mme   [correspondence]
Scatcherd, John Newton   [correspondence]
Scharf, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scheffer, Ary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scheffer, Ary Arnold  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scheffer, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schiller, Friedrich  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schletter, Annie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schletter, Miss   [correspondence]
Schlobach, Willy  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schmalz, Herbert G. C.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schmitz   [correspondence]
Schnetz, Jean-Victor  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schofield, John McAllister  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schofield, Miss   [correspondence]
Schölermann, W.   [correspondence]
Schönleber, Gustav  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schreiber, Charlotte Elizabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schroeder, Bruno  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schumann, Richard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schuster, Mr and Mrs   [correspondence]
Schwabe, Mary J. S.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Schwarzkoppen, Maximillian von   [correspondence]
Schwob, Marcel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scioteau   [correspondence]
Scoones, Henrietta M.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scoones, William B. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scotson-Clark, George Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scott (fl. 1881/1885)   [correspondence]
Scott (fl. 1866)   [correspondence]
Scott, Clement William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scott, George Gilbert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scott, Isabella Louise   [correspondence]
Scott, John Henderson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scott, Margaret   [correspondence]
Scott, Miss   [correspondence]
Scott, Rev.   [correspondence]
Scott, Stevenson   [correspondence]
Scott, Winfield  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scott, Walter  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scott, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scott, William Bell  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scriven, John Barclay   [correspondence]
Scull, Walter Delaplaine  [biography]  [correspondence]
Scurrows, Mrs   [correspondence]
Searles (fl. 1853)   [correspondence]
Searles, Mrs   [correspondence]
Seaton   [correspondence]
Seddon   [correspondence]
Sedelmeyer, Charles   [correspondence]
Segantini, Giovanni  [biography]  [correspondence]
Seidlitz, Woldemar von  [biography]  [correspondence]
Seitz, Don Carlos  [biography]  [correspondence]
Seligman, Arnold   [correspondence]
Sellar, David P.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Selvatico, Riccardo  [biography]  [correspondence]
Selwyn   [correspondence]
Senefelder, Alois  [biography]  [correspondence]
Serraillez, Lucien   [correspondence]
Sessions, Eliakin   [correspondence]
Seton, Dorothy  [biography]  [correspondence]
Severn, Ann Mary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Severn, Arthur  [biography]  [correspondence]
Severn, Walter  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sévigné, Marquise de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sewell, J. William   [correspondence]
Seymour, Mrs   [correspondence]
Seymour, Thomas Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Seymour, Truman  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sezanne, Augusto  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shaker   [correspondence]
Shakespeare, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shakespeare, W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shand   [correspondence]
Shannan, Archibald McFarlane  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shannon, Charles Hazlewood  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shannon, James Jebusa  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shannon, Neil  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sharp, Becky   [correspondence]
Sharpe (fl. 1887)   [correspondence]
Sharpe, James   [correspondence]
Shave, F.   [correspondence]
Shaw, Byam  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shaw, Eyre Massey  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shaw, George Bernard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shaw, J. Crawford  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shaw, Richard Norman  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shaw, Sarah   [correspondence]
Shearer, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sheen, M.   [correspondence]
Sheldon (fl. 1891)   [correspondence]
Sheldon, Mary French  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shelley, Percy Florence  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shelley, Percy Bysshe  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shepheard, Charles   [correspondence]
Shepheard   [correspondence]
Shepherd (fl. 1881)   [correspondence]
Shepherd, N.   [correspondence]
Sherard, Robert Harborough  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sherborne, Charles William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sherborne, Lady  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sherborne, Lord  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sherlock, Henry L.   [correspondence]
Sherman, William Tecumseh  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sherry, Ashley   [correspondence]
Sheuman, Mrs   [correspondence]
Shields   [correspondence]
Shivas   [correspondence]
Short, Francis Job  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shorter, Clement King  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shoup, Francis Asbury  [biography]  [correspondence]
Shropshire, Clyde   [correspondence]
Shultz (fl. 1849)   [correspondence]
Shultz, Mrs   [correspondence]
Sichel, Ernest Leopold  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sickert, Bernhard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sickert, Ellen Mellicent  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sickert, Foster   [correspondence]
Sickert, Walter Richard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Signac, Paul  [biography]  [correspondence]
Silvertop, Henry Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Silvester, Richard   [correspondence]
Silvy, Camille  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sim, J. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Simcox, Edith Jemma  [biography]  [correspondence]
Simkin, Elizabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Simmonds   [correspondence]
Simon   [correspondence]
Simonds, Miss   [correspondence]
Simpson (fl. 1890)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Simpson (artist, fl. 1892)   [correspondence]
Simpson, Mrs   [correspondence]
Simpson (fl. 1892)   [correspondence]
Simpson, G. B.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Simpson, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Simpson, Jane   [correspondence]
Simpson, John W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Simpson, Robert Winthrop  [biography]  [correspondence]
Simpson, Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sims, Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sims, C.   [correspondence]
Sinclair, William Beverly  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sindici, Augusto B.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sindici, Francesca   [correspondence]
Sinet, Louis René  [biography]  [correspondence]
Singer, Hans Wolfgang  [biography]  [correspondence]
Singleton, Charles James, Sr  [biography]  [correspondence]
Singleton, Charles James, Jr  [biography]  [correspondence]
Singleton, Mrs   [correspondence]
Sisley, Alfred  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sitwell, Mrs   [correspondence]
Sitwell, Robert Sacheverell W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Skinner, Lady   [correspondence]
Skinner, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Skipworth, Frank Markham  [biography]  [correspondence]
Skirrow, Amelia Cherry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Skirving, Alexander  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sladen, Douglas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Slater, F. W.   [correspondence]
Slater, Lucy  [biography]  [correspondence]
Slater, Walter   [correspondence]
Sleeford, Magnolia   [correspondence]
Sloane, Mrs   [correspondence]
Sloane, Samuel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Slowman (or Showman)   [correspondence]
Smalley, George Washburn  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smalley, Mrs G. W.   [correspondence]
Smalpage   [correspondence]
Smart, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smiles, J. H.   [correspondence]
Smith (fl. 1890)   [correspondence]
Smith (fl. 1890-1892)   [correspondence]
Smith (fl. 1896)   [correspondence]
Smith, Albert   [correspondence]
Smith, Carlton Alfred  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, Captain   [correspondence]
Smith, Eliza Stevenson   [correspondence]
Smith, Francis Hopkinson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, Fred   [correspondence]
Smith, George [undertaker]   [correspondence]
Smith, George (fl. 1867)   [correspondence]
Smith, Gordon K.   [correspondence]
Smith, Henry Babington  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, J. B.   [correspondence]
Smith, J. L. Clifford   [correspondence]
Smith, James Lorrain  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, J. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, Mary Dalrymple  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, Logan Pearsall  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, M.   [correspondence]
Smith, Major   [correspondence]
Smith, Mary (Mrs T. Smith)   [correspondence]
Smith, Mary (fl. 1850)   [correspondence]
Smith, Muriel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, Priscilla P.   [correspondence]
Smith, Reginald M.   [correspondence]
Smith, Thomas ('Tom')   [correspondence]
Smith, Thomas (fl. 1860-1879)   [correspondence]
Smith, Thomas Eustace  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, William Wyke  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, William (1808-1876)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, William (fl. 1889-1919)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, William Farrar  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, William Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Smith, Zella   [correspondence]
Smuts, Jan Christiaan   [correspondence]
Smythe, A.   [correspondence]
Smythe, Lionel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Snagge, Maria F.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Snell, James Herbert   [correspondence]
Somes, Edwin  [biography]  [correspondence]
Soames, Semple   [correspondence]
Socrates   [correspondence]
Solomon   [correspondence]
Solomon, Simeon  [biography]  [correspondence]
Solomon, Solomon Joseph  [biography]  [correspondence]
Somerset, Duke of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sommer, Mrs   [correspondence]
Sorel, Agnès   [correspondence]
Sorley, Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sotheby, Hans William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sotterthwaite, Mrs   [correspondence]
Souchard, Mme   [correspondence]
Sounds, Mrs   [correspondence]
Soutar, Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Southwick   [correspondence]
Soye, M. and Mme de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spalding   [correspondence]
Sparkes (fl. 1886)   [correspondence]
Sparkes, Ernest Algernon  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sparkes, John Charles Lewis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sparks, Nathaniel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spartali, Christine  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spartali, Euphrosyne  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spartali, Mary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spartali, Michael  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spence, Harry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spence, Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spencer, Henry N.   [correspondence]
Spencer, L. D. W.   [correspondence]
Spencer, Walter Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spenser, Edmund  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spielman, Mrs M. H.   [correspondence]
Spielmann, Isidore  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spielmann, Marion Henry A.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spilsbury, Lieut.   [correspondence]
Spofford, Ainsworth Rand  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spong, George Mansfield  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spooner   [correspondence]
Spottiswoode, Eliza Taylor  [biography]  [correspondence]
Spring   [correspondence]
Sprunt, J. Lawrence   [correspondence]
Spuller, Seraphim Eugène  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stacpool, Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stael, Anne Louise Germaine de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Standish, Hélène   [correspondence]
Standish, Henry N. Widdrington  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stanfield, Mrs   [correspondence]
Stanfield, William Clarkson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stanley   [correspondence]
Stanley, Dorothy  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stanley, Edward Lyulph  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stanley, Mary Lyulph  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stansfield, Caroline  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stansfield, James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stansfield, Mrs   [correspondence]
Stanton (fl. 1827/1853)   [correspondence]
Stanton, Abby   [correspondence]
Stanton, Anna Palmer  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stanton, Donald Palmer   [correspondence]
Stanton, Edmund   [correspondence]
Stanton, Edward   [correspondence]
Stanton, George   [correspondence]
Stanton, Louise   [correspondence]
Stanton, Mrs   [correspondence]
Stappen, Charles Van der  [biography]  [correspondence]
Starr (fl. 1890)   [correspondence]
Starr, Sidney  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stead, William Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Steer, Philip Wilson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Steinlen, Théophile Alexandre  [biography]  [correspondence]
Steinmetz, Katherine   [correspondence]
Stenger, A. A.   [correspondence]
Stephens, Frederick George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stephenson, Charles   [correspondence]
Stephenson, George Hunt   [correspondence]
Sterne, Louis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevens, Alfred Émile-Léopold  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevens, Arthur  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevens, Mme Arthur   [correspondence]
Stevens, Catherine   [correspondence]
Stevens, George Warrington  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevens, Jean   [correspondence]
Stevens, Leopold  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevens, Marie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevens, Rupert   [correspondence]
Stevenson, Fanny   [correspondence]
Stevenson, John James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevenson, Robert A. M.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevenson, Robert Louis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevenson, Robert Macaulay  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stevenson, Walter   [correspondence]
Stewart, Alexander Bannatyne  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stewart, Charles Edward  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stewart, Charles William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stewart, Florence  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stewart, H.   [correspondence]
Stewart, Jules M.   [correspondence]
Steyn, Martinus Theunis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stibbard, George Davis   [correspondence]
Stieler, Eugen, Ritter von  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stoddard, James   [correspondence]
Stoeckl, Edouard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stoeckl, Eliza   [correspondence]
Stoker, Abraham  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stoker, George   [correspondence]
Stokes (fl. 1853)   [correspondence]
Stokes, Adrian Scott  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stokes, Frank  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stokes, Frederick Abbott  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stokes, Horace  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stokes, Marianne  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stone, Marcus  [biography]  [correspondence]
Storey, George Adolphus  [biography]  [correspondence]
Story (fl. 1867/1874)   [correspondence]
Story, Ada Maud  [biography]  [correspondence]
Story, Emma Eames  [biography]  [correspondence]
Story, Julian Russell  [biography]  [correspondence]
Story, Miss   [correspondence]
Story, Robert Herbert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Story, Thomas Waldo  [biography]  [correspondence]
Story, William Wetmore  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stotesbury, Miss   [correspondence]
Stothard, Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stott, David   [correspondence]
Stott, Edward William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stott, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stowe, Harriet E. Beecher  [biography]  [correspondence]
Strachey, Dorothea   [correspondence]
Strachey, Jane Maria  [biography]  [correspondence]
Strachey, Richard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Straight, Douglas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Strang, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Strange, Edward Fairbrother   [correspondence]
Street, George Slythe  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stretton, Philip Eustace  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stride, Arthur Lewis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Strong (fl. 1870/1900)   [correspondence]
Strong (fl. 1891)   [correspondence]
Strutt, Alfred William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stuart, G.   [correspondence]
Stuart, James Ewell Brown  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stuart, Mary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Stuart, Richard   [correspondence]
Stubbings, Mary Ann   [correspondence]
Stück, Franz Von  [biography]  [correspondence]
Studd, Arthur Haythorne  [biography]  [correspondence]
Studd, Charles Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sturges, Jonathan  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sturgis, Russell  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sturt, Neville William   [correspondence]
Subak, Renée V.   [correspondence]
Sucy, di   [correspondence]
Sullivan, Arthur Seymour  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sullivan, Edmund Joseph   [correspondence]
Sullivan, F. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sullivan, James Frank  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sully-Prudhomme  [biography]  [correspondence]
Summis   [correspondence]
Sumner, Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Suratt, John H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Suret, F.   [correspondence]
Sussex, Duke of  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sutherland, Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sutton, Denys  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sutton, Edmund  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swain, Joseph  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swainton, J.   [correspondence]
Swan, John Macallan  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swan, Miss   [correspondence]
Swann, John   [correspondence]
Swanwick, Helena  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swift (fl. 1866)   [correspondence]
Swift, Abby Hortense   [correspondence]
Swift, Charles   [correspondence]
Swift, Foster, Sr  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swift, Foster  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swift, Hannah Worthington  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swift, Joseph Gardner  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swift, Louisa   [correspondence]
Swift, Margaret  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swift, McRae   [correspondence]
Swift, Sarah Delano   [correspondence]
Swift, William Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swinburne, Algernon Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Swithin, Saint   [correspondence]
Swynnerton, Annie Louisa  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sykes, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sylvester, James Joseph  [biography]  [correspondence]
Sylvestre, Paul Armand  [biography]  [correspondence]
Symonds, John Augustus   [correspondence]
Symonds, R. W.   [correspondence]
Symons, Arthur William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Symons, William Christian  [biography]  [correspondence]
Synge, William Webb Follett  [biography]  [correspondence]