The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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Ibsen, Henrik Johan  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ilchester, Lord  [biography]  [correspondence]
Inchbold, John William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Inderwick, Frederick Andrew  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ingersoll, Colin Macrae  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ingersoll, Julia Harriet   [correspondence]
Ingersoll, Margaret   [correspondence]
Ingersoll, Ralph Isaacs  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ingle, F.   [correspondence]
Inglefield, Edward Augustus  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ingram, G. I.   [correspondence]
Ingram, William Ayerst  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ingres, Jean Dominique  [biography]  [correspondence]
Inness, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ionides, Alexander  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ionides, Alexander Constantine  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ionides, Alexander George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ionides, Constantine Alexander  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ionides, Elfrida Elizabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ionides, Euterpe  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ionides, Hariclia Xeno  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ionides, Lucas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ironsides, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ironsides, Mary  [biography]  [correspondence]
Irving, Florence  [biography]  [correspondence]
Irving, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Irving, John Beaufain  [biography]  [correspondence]
Irving, Washington  [biography]  [correspondence]
Irwin, Charles King  [biography]  [correspondence]
Isaac   [correspondence]
Isaacs, Henry Aaron  [biography]  [correspondence]
Israëls, Jozef  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ives, Halsey Cooley  [biography]  [correspondence]
Iwan-Müller, Ernest Bruce  [biography]  [correspondence]