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Surname beginning with  G  271 names found

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G., Mrs Calvin [name unknown]   [correspondence]
Gabrielli, Henrietta  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gadsby, William H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gaëtano, Antoinette  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gage, Lyman J.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gage, Adelaide  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gaillard, Claude-Ferdinand  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gainsborough, Thomas  [biography]  [correspondence]
Galbraith, John A.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Galland, Jacques  [biography]  [correspondence]
Galland, Pierre-Victor  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gallatin, Albert Eugene  [biography]  [correspondence]
Galletta, Stefano  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gallienne, Richard Le  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gallimard, Sebastien-Paul  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gallori, Emilio  [biography]  [correspondence]
Galloway, William James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Galsworthy, Frederick T.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Galsworthy, Isabel Marion  [biography]  [correspondence]
Galway family   [correspondence]
Galway, Miss   [correspondence]
Gambart, Ernest  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gamble, Harriet   [correspondence]
Gamble, James H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gamble, Jane  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gandara, Antonio de la  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gantillon, H. E.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gardiner (fl. 1879)   [correspondence]
Gardner, George   [correspondence]
Gardner, Isabella Stewart  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gardner, John   [correspondence]
Gardner, John Lowell  [biography]  [correspondence]
Garlant, Sarah E.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Garnier, Miss   [correspondence]
Garreta, R. de Madrazo y  [biography]  [correspondence]
Garrett, Miss   [correspondence]
Garrick, David  [biography]  [correspondence]
Garstin, Norman  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gatey, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gaucherel, Léon  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gauguin, Paul  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gauld, David  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gauthier, Léon-Amboise  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gautier, Armand Desiré  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gautier, Pierre-Jules-Théophile  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gautière   [correspondence]
Gavarni, Paul  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gay, G. B. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gay, Kathleen   [correspondence]
Gay, P. M.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gay, Walter  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gear, Henry Handel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gee, Ada Louisa  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gee, Horace  [biography]  [correspondence]
Geffroy, Gustave  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gélibert, De   [correspondence]
Genet, Alice   [correspondence]
Genet, Clara   [correspondence]
Genet, Mrs   [correspondence]
Gennadius, Johannes  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gentles, Thomas Adam  [biography]  [correspondence]
George I (of Hanover)  [biography]  [correspondence]
George III (of Great Britain)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Géricault, Théodore  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gérôme, Jean L.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gervais, Paul   [correspondence]
Gervex, Henri  [biography]  [correspondence]
Ghafur, Abdul  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gibbon, E. L.   [correspondence]
Gibbs, Henry Hucks  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gibbs, Leonora W.   [correspondence]
Gibson (fl. 1848)   [correspondence]
Gibson, Susanna Arethusa Milner-   [correspondence]
Gide, André Paul Guillaume  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gielgud, Adam  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gifford, J. Harding   [correspondence]
Gifford, Miss   [correspondence]
Gihon, Allsop   [correspondence]
Gilbert, Alfred  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gilbert, Mary or Charlotte  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gilbert, Herbert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gilbert, William Schwenck  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gilchrist, Constance MacDonald  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gilchrist, Matilda  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gilder, Richard Watson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gill, Miss   [correspondence]
Gillibrand, Mary Tyler  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gillibrand, William Clark  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gillies, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gillonneau, Ernest   [correspondence]
Gillot, Mme   [correspondence]
Gillow   [correspondence]
Gilman, Robert   [correspondence]
Gilmer, J. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gingy   [correspondence]
Ginner, Charles   [correspondence]
Giorgione  [biography]  [correspondence]
Giotto di Bondone  [biography]  [correspondence]
Girardot, Ernest Gustave  [biography]  [correspondence]
Girdlestone, Frederick K. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Girodet, Anne Louis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Giroux, André  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gladstone, William Ewart  [biography]  [correspondence]
Glaenzer, Eugene   [correspondence]
Glaryebrook, Hugh de T.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Glehn, M.E. Von,   [correspondence]
Glehn, Oswald Von  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gleyre, Marc-Charles-Gabriel  [biography]  [correspondence]
Glindoni, Henry Gillard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Glover   [correspondence]
Godfrey, George William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Godfrey, John Perry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Godiva, Lady  [biography]  [correspondence]
Godrich, Francis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Godwin, Edward  [biography]  [correspondence]
Godwin, Edward William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goff, Robert Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goff, T.   [correspondence]
Goldschmidt, Enrique  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goldschmidt, Otto  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goncourt, Edmond de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goncourt, Jules de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gonse, Louis  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gooch, A. G.   [correspondence]
Goodall, Thomas F.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goode (fl. 1878)   [correspondence]
Goode, William   [correspondence]
Goodwin, Albert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goodyear   [correspondence]
Goodyear, William Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goold, Miss   [correspondence]
Gordon (fl. 1890)   [correspondence]
Gordon, Alice   [correspondence]
Gordon, Caroline E. M.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gordon, Douglas G. H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gordon, Lady  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gordon, Miss   [correspondence]
Gordon, Robert James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gordon-Cumming, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gore, James Howard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gortchakoff, Alexander M.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gosling, H.   [correspondence]
Gosse, Edmund William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gosselin, Edmond  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gosselin, Ferdinand Jules-Albert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gosselin, Martin Le Marchant H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gotch, Thomas Cooper  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gould, Charles H.   [correspondence]
Goulding, Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goupil, Adolphe  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gourdiflot   [correspondence]
Gourlay, Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gout-Gérard, Fernand M.E.Le  [biography]  [correspondence]
Govier, Ada Annie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Govier, Samuel Edward  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gow, Andrew Carrick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gower, Arthur F. G. Leveson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gower, Mrs Leveson   [correspondence]
Gower, Ronald Sutherland L.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Goya y Lucientes, Francisco José  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grace, Alfred Fitzwalter  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grace, James Edward  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grace, William Gilbert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Graham (fl. 1908)   [correspondence]
Graham, John   [correspondence]
Graham, Robert B. Cunninghame   [correspondence]
Graham, Walter  [biography]  [correspondence]
Graham, William (1817-1885)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Graham, William (1841-1910)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Graham, Mrs William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grain, Corney  [biography]  [correspondence]
Granby, John James Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grannis, Appleton   [correspondence]
Grant, Baron (Albert Gottheimer)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grant, Maria M.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grant, Miss (fl. 1848)   [correspondence]
Grant, Miss (fl. 1878)   [correspondence]
Glisen, Mrs   [correspondence]
Grant, Ulysses Simpson  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grant, William   [correspondence]
Grapel, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grau, F. H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Graves (fl. 1881)   [correspondence]
Graves, Algernon  [biography]  [correspondence]
Graves, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Graves, Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gravesande, C. N. Storm van 's  [biography]  [correspondence]
Graveson, James D.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gray (fl. 1889)  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gray (fl. 1898)   [correspondence]
Gray, Dr   [correspondence]
Gray, John Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gray, John Miller  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greator, A.   [correspondence]
Greaves, Alice Fay  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greaves, Charles William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greaves, Elizabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greaves, Emily  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greaves, Henry  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greaves, T. W.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greaves, Walter  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greco, El  [biography]  [correspondence]
Green, John O.   [correspondence]
Green, Oliver Duff  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greenwood, Frederick  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greffulhe, Elisabeth  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gregg, David McMurtie  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gregg, D. M.   [correspondence]
Gregg, Elliot  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grego, Joseph  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gregory, Annie   [correspondence]
Gregory, Edward John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gregory, Mrs J. G.   [correspondence]
Greiffenhagen, Maurice William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greive, Johan Conrad  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greuze, Jean-Baptiste  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greville   [correspondence]
Greville, Beatrice Violet  [biography]  [correspondence]
Greville, Mrs   [correspondence]
Grey (fl. 1849)   [correspondence]
Grey, Mrs   [correspondence]
Gribbell, Miss  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grieg, Edvard  [biography]  [correspondence]
Griffin, G. W.   [correspondence]
Griffiths (fl. 1890)   [correspondence]
Griffiths, Arthur  [biography]  [correspondence]
Griffiths, Edward Clifton  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grimaldi  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grimani, Filippo  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grimelund, Johannes Martin  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grimly, Miss   [correspondence]
Grimmond, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grinnell   [correspondence]
Grisbrooks, William  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grisi, Carlotta  [biography]  [correspondence]
Griswold, Rufus Wilmot   [correspondence]
Gritton, Mary   [correspondence]
Grosclaude, Etienne  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grose, George Frederick   [correspondence]
Grossmith, George  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grosvenor, Charles H.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grosvenor, Richard de Aquila  [biography]  [correspondence]
Groult, Camille  [biography]  [correspondence]
Groux, Henri J. C. Corneille de  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grove, F. C.   [correspondence]
Grove, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Grover, Oliver Dennett  [biography]  [correspondence]
Groves, William Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gudin, Jean-Antoine-Théodore  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gueneaude de Mussy, Henri F.  [biography]  [correspondence]
Guérard, Henri Charles  [biography]  [correspondence]
Guesuse, G.   [correspondence]
Guilbert, Yvette  [biography]  [correspondence]
Guinandou   [correspondence]
Guinchard   [correspondence]
Gunn (Houghton and Gunn)   [correspondence]
Gunter   [correspondence]
Gurney, Alfred  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gurney, F. B.   [correspondence]
Gurney, Isabel Blake  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gurney, John  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gutbier, Ludwig Wilhelm  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gutekunst, Otto  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gutenberg, Johann   [correspondence]
Guthrie, James  [biography]  [correspondence]
Guthrie, Thomas Anstey  [biography]  [correspondence]
Guyler, Dr   [correspondence]
Gwyer, Mary   [correspondence]
Gwyer, Paul Robert  [biography]  [correspondence]
Gwyer, William Keate   [correspondence]