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System Number: 00197
Date: 2 September 1895
Author: Ludwig Wilhelm Gutbier[1]
Place: Dresden
Recipient: JW
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler A196
Document Type: ALS

[circular design of a child spearing a poor little dragon]



DEN Sept 2nd 1895.

Dear Sir.

I have the honour to present you the most respectful compliments and beg to inform you, that I am arranging an exhibition of modern english graphic work which will take place in my own galleries and which will be a verry exclusivly artistic one. I get verry fine work from London and from Mr Gutekunst[3], I am proud to say I get the jewels for my collection, about 35 first rate proofs of your etchings! -

I am sorry to say that I have not been successful in hunting for lithographs of yours[.] I only had the pleasure of seeing them at Mr. Th. Ways's[4] house and in the collection of Sir John Day[5]; I take the liberty of asking you to prepare a fine [p. 2] set for me and to include specially these magnificent views of the Thames. I have two customers here who bought etchings of yours and who [would] like to see now some of the lithographs.

Besides that I beg you not to forget that you kindly promised me (when I saw you in Paris a few months ago) to arrange one day a special collection of pictures pastels etc for Dresden. I have the honour to say that I happened several times in London to see pictures from you in London and that I become more and more a great admirer of your work. Sir E. Forbes[6] has 6 little pastels, which are simply delightful and which I may have perhaps when you make your exhibition in my galleries. Messrs Goupil & Co is [p. 3] willing as well to send me two pictures

I should think your art would be represented in a most wonderful way when you could gather 6-8 canvas[es] and I gather as much from private galleries. Kindly remember Dr von Seidlitz[7] and Prof. Waermann[8], who would be most happy to find a Whistler exhibition in their town - and favour me with an answer at your earliest convenience.

I have the honour to be
Dear Sir
your most obediant serwant

L. W. Gutbier

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1.  Ludwig Wilhelm Gutbier
Ludwig Wilhelm Gutbier (1873-1951), art and print-dealer [more].

Ger., 'Royal Art and Print Dealers / Proprietor'.

3.  Gutekunst
Otto Gutekunst (b. ca 1865 - after 1939), art dealer [more].

4.  Mr. Th. Ways's
Thomas Way (1837-1915), lithographic printer [more].

5.  Sir John Day
Sir John Charles Sigismund Day (1826-1908), QC, collector [more].

6.  Sir E. Forbes
Possibly he means James Staats Forbes (1823-1904), railway manager and collector [more], who owned a lot of pastels: Draped female figure (M.378); r.: Standing draped figure; v.: Standing nude (M.387); r.: Draped figure standing; v.: Study of draped woman (M.389); r.: Female figure, seated; v.: Screen (M.390); Woman with parasol (M.393); Le Goûter du Modèle (M.405); Draped figure at a railing (M.412); A Nude (M.413); The Ermine Coat (M.419); r.: Portrait sketch of Thomas Carlyle; v.: Head (M.462); Female Figure with Fan (M.532); Female Figure with Fan (M.534.); The Lady with the Fan (M.535); and Mrs Leyland in a flounced dress (M.548).

7.  Dr von Seidlitz
Woldemar von ('de') Seidlitz (1850-1922), art historian and Director of the Royal collections, Dresden [more].

8.  Prof. Waermann
Professor Waermann, unidentified.