The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 07474
Date: [16/30 March 1900][1]
Author: JW
Place: [Paris]
Recipient: [unidentified newspaper editor]
Place: [London?]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler X48
Document Type: ALd

Sir -

The Victory obtained in the Law Courts of Appeal in Paris - of far away [greater?] importance than as yet the English press has at all grasped - Important to all artists - For the decision judgement or verdict concerns not merely this a personal matter, as between myself and an scheming individual as the papers would have it but it establishes, once & forever, a new condition of law in France - "Emandant, statuant[2] à nouveau," . ... The Président said, and from now out it is law in this land that the Artist remain master of his work to very last - He has the right to refuse to give his work into hands of any one he thinks unfit to receive it - though he shall have been paid for it in full - At any moment, & without giving his reasons[3] either he may return the money - and naturally accept the prepare be ready his is[4] also the privilege to pay to pay the offending amateur damages - to be fixed either amicably by arbitration, or awarded in Court - £40 they awarded[5] Think[6] [p. 2][7] Think of the comfort [now?] luxury of having offering the offensive intruder intruding millionaire as I did £40, to "get out"! - as I did - and he took it too!

upon peril - pain

I will[8] here take the occasion to say once for all that such was not my case - neither were the papers Indeed it may be well I will [duly?] here point out, for the better appreciation of what has happened, what my Advocate said for me,

At last[9] it may be perhaps understood how perfectly logical all this is - For whereas it was cried out against, in the London papers, as a monstrously stultified

is of much greater distinction[10]

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1.  [16/30 March 1900]
This dates from the period after JW's success at the Cour d'Appel in the Eden v. Whistler case in Paris; see the letter announcing this, A. Chaufton to JW, 14 March 1900, #00597.

2.  his is
This addition is in pencil.

3.  statuant
Double underlined.

4.  £40 they awarded
In pencil.

5.  his reasons ... Think
This text is written in the left margin of page one.

6.  Think
Written in pencil.

7.  [p. 2]
Page two is written entirely in pencil.

8.  I will ... for me
This text is circled at the foot of p. 1.

9.  At last ... stultified
This text is written upside-down at the top of p. 1.

10.  is of much greater distinction
This text is added at the top of p. 1.