The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 03637
Date: 23 August 1900
Author: JW
Place: Sutton, County Dublin[1]
Recipient: Ernest George Brown[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler LB 9/42
Document Type: ALS[3]

Craigie. Sutton. nr. Baldoyle.
Co. Dublin -

Aug. 23. 1900.

Dear Mr. Brown -

Your letter[4] has been forwarded here - Indeed I meant to have answered your first one before - but was in the usual rush - and, at the time, off to Holland -

I went with Mr. Ellwell[5] [sic] - (The place was charming, & I must run over again) - I left him there - where [p. 2] I doubt not he will be doing some very pretty things -

Mean while I insisted upon his letting me send you two of his paintings which I am sure you will like - and which I am sure you can place immediately - They really look like old Dutch panels, as I pointed out to Mr. Dunn[6] - Just the sort of thing Mr Staats Forbes[7] would like - so you will be glad that I stopped them on their way to Boston! -

Yes - I returned to town, and found Mr. Mansfield[8] at the same hotel I always put up at - Garlants -

I was very glad to see him - and, as a result, he was one of the few who found his way into the studio, as I daresay he will tell you -

Mr. Dunn writes to say that the "pretty Nellie Brown[9]" is to go to America after all! - I believe though that Mr Ward[10] has taken made another photogravure of the picture - (he was most anxious to do so) before it leaves -

I shall doubtless see you on my way back to Paris and [contd. on p. 1] can perhaps show you one or two things!

With my compliments to Mrs. Brown[11] & Miss Nellie
Sincerely Yrs

J. McN Whistler[12]

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1.  Sutton, Co Dublin
JW stayed outside Dublin for three weeks in August/September 1900, accompanied by the Birnie Philips. He painted several small panels there, including Howth Head, near Dublin (YMSM 538).

2.  Ernest George Brown
Ernest George Brown (1853 or 1854-1915), assistant manager at the Fine Art Society [more].

3.  ALS

4.  Your letter

5.  Mr. Ellwell
D. Jerome Elwell (1847-1912), landscape and marine painter [more]. The paintings are unidentified. He and JW had been to Domburg together.

6.  Mr. Dunn
A. Homeyer Dunn, employee of the Fine Art Society.

7.  Mr Staats Forbes
James Staats Forbes (1823-1904), railway manager and collector [more].

8.  Mr. Mansfield
Howard Mansfield (1849-1938), New York lawyer, print collector [more].

9.  Nellie Brown
Helen ('Nellie'), daughter of the dealer, E. G. Brown [more]. A portrait of her Rose and Gold: 'Pretty Nellie Brown' (YMSM 451), was sold to Lydia Richardson Babbott (1858-1901), née Pratt, wife of the collector of Brooklyn, New York with Mansfield's assistance. See A. H. Dunn to JW, #01366.

10.  Mr Ward
Ward, photographer, printer or publisher of the ISSPG catalogue.

11.  Mrs. Brown
Elsie Brown (d. 1943), wife of E. G. Brown [more].

12.  J. McN Whistler
'can perhaps ...J. McN Whistler' written at right-angles in left-hand margin.