The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 13198
Date: 23 March 1895
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: Francis Vielé-Griffin and Octave Mirbeau[1]
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Private collection
Document Type: ALS[2]

Chers amis -

Je viens accuser reception de votre lettre -

J'ai le profond regret de vous avoir mis en rapport, même imparfaitement, avec Monsieur George Moore[3] - et vous me voyez tout humilié d'avoir abusé de votre temps precieux pour la contemplation immorale de la conduite de ce pauvre personage, sous l'influence d'un accès de panique! -

"Tout individu," dit-il, "a son[4] propre code d'honneur."!

Certes le code de Monsieur Moore est bien le sien.

Agréez, mes chers amis, tous mes remerciements pour l'attention courtoise que vous avez bien voulu accorder à cette affaire - Croyez à ma reconnaissance, et à mon dévouement -

J. McNeill Whistler


le 23. Mars - 1895 -

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Chers Amis - I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter. I deeply regret that I have placed you en rapport, even imperfectly, with Mr. George Moore, and you see me quite humbled at having wasted your precious time by the immoral contemplation of this poor personage, under the influence of a fit of panic. 'Every man,' he said, 'has his own code of honour.' Surely the code of Mr. Moore is very much his own. Accept, my dear friends, all my thanks for the courteous attention which you have given to this affair. Believe in my gratitude and devotion -

J. McNeill Whistler.


1.  Francis Vielé-Griffin and Octave Mirbeau
Francis Vielé-Griffin (1863/1864-1937), poet [more] and Octave Mirbeau (1848-1917), novelist, art critic and amateur painter [more].

2.  ALS
A facsimile of this letter (and others in D. Gordon's collection) is reproduced in Gordon, Douglas, 'Letters By and About Whistler,' Apollo, August 1972, p. 134. The English translation given here was published under the title 'Mr. Whistler and Sir William Eden. Challenge to Mr. George Moore' in The Pall Mall Gazette, 25 March 1895 (Getscher, Robert H., and Paul G. Marks, James McNeill Whistler and John Singer Sargent. Two Annotated Bibliographies, New York and London, 1986, B. 86).

3.  Monsieur George Moore
George Moore (1852-1933), novelist and art critic [more].

4.  a son
In Moore's letter to JW on 11 March 1895 (#04179) he had written 'But everyone has his own code of honour'. In response to this, JW had challenged him to a duel (#04181, #04182).