The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 00180
Date: 21 December 1887
Author: Craibe Angus and Son[1]
Place: Glasgow
Recipient: JW
Place: London
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler A179
Document Type: ALS

J A McNeill Whistler Esquire[,] The Vale[,] Kings road, Chelsea

[emblem of Glasgow, and motto:] LET GLASGOW FLOURISH


Decr 21 '87.

Dear Sir -

The Finette.

The parcel, as advised, came duly to hand; also your telegram[2]. We shall keep the copy in first State[3], altho' the price is very [high] for us, as dealers, to pay. We have returned, per Registered Post, the copy - ["]fine proof".

Small paintings and drawings.

What we mean by a small painting is say a cabinet picture of the best quality; and one that has not been publically [sic] shown[4]. We should like in fact to have such a picture as you would borrow or rather reserve for some of the London Exhibitions. We hope you may oblige us in this matter. In Glasgow, we are at a great disadvantage as compared with city dealers who have better opportunities of knowing what artists are doing than we can possibly have; and even in the matter of etchings they have a preference given to them in early supplies, which enables them to sell to our clients in Scotland before we ourselves are supplied.


When our client[5] has called as to the other etchings we have of yours, we shall send you remittance.

Yours truly

Craibe Angus & Son.

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1.  Craibe Angus & Son
J. Craibe Angus, art dealer, of Craibe Angus and Son, Glasgow [more]; and William Craibe Angus (1830-1899), Glasgow art dealer [more].

2.  telegram
This follows a sequence of letters, the last (the telegram mentioned) on 21 December (#00179). JW replied on 22 December (#00181).

3.  copy in first State
Finette (K.58).

4.  publically [sic] shown
Double underlined.

5.  our client
Not identified. It might possibly be Thomas Glen Arthur (1858-1907), clothing merchant and textile manufacturer [more].