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Documents associated with: Howell, Charles Augustus
Record 393 of 397

System Number: 09599
Date: [30 August 1894?][1]
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: Alfred Atmore Pope[2]
Place: [Hill-stead, CT]
Repository: Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington, CT
Document Type: MsDc[3]

This rag of canvas bought of Messrs. Dowdeswell[4] "Beach at Selsis Bill"[5] was never ment to be signed. It is no more fit for signature than would be the odd scrap of paper that had fallen between waste bucket and fire when thrown aside by the author, too careless to see the destruction he intended completed before him.

Nothing in the house of Howell[6] was ever lost! and so this sweeping of an afternoon's visit was gathered and stowed away for future transaction. There would seem to be a fatality that brings wreckage of this kind to Messrs. Dowdeswell in Bond Street.

110 rue du Bac

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1.  [30 August 1894?]
Dated by the records of A. A. Pope's visit to London, and JW's related letter to D. C. Thomson, 30 August 1894, #09599.

2.  Alfred Atmore Pope
The ultimate recipient of this note (or rather of the original note, for this is a copy in an unknown hand) was Alfred Atmore Pope (1842-1913), manufacturer and collector [more], who bought the picture to which it refers. The original note may have been sent first to David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more], since JW wrote to him regarding the picture, and refusing to sign it, on 30 August 1894, #08311.

3.  MsDc
This is a copy in an unknown hand.

4.  Messrs. Dowdeswell
Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell, London dealers.

5.  Beach at Selsis Bill
There has been some confusion about the identity of the painting to which this note, or rather the original document written by JW, was attached. Professor A. McL. Young argued that it belonged to The Selsey Shore (YMSM 200).

6.  Howell
Charles Augustus ('Owl') Howell (1840? - d.1890), entrepreneur [more], who had once owned a house at Selsey Bill.