The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 06362
Date: 14 September [1848][1]
Author: Anna Matilda Whistler[2]
Place: Steamer City of Aberdeen[3]
Recipient: JW
Place: [Portishead[4]]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W358
Document Type: ALS

On board the steamer
"City of Aberdeen"

Sept 14th

This is a splendid steamer, Willie[5] and I have just been deposited here after a safe journey thank God! Oh how much I have thought of you my own precious Jemie[6] today! and now we shall so soon be underweigh [sic] I shall not be able to write half my thoughts and wishes. Say to Mrs Phillott[7] I shall try to send her a note from Copenhagen if we have a smooth passage, just now there is every prospect of [p. 2] a favorable time. Will you ask Mrs P the name of the clergyman whom she remarked belonged to Portishead and who accompanied us from Clevedon[8], he was so kind to Willie I wish you to know him, you will not mind introducing yourself for he said he should bear you in mind and notice you. Willie was so pleased with him and so was your Mother, his address and deportment so really that of a man of God! it will gratify me that you mention him in your letters. I shall if God spares me, write you from Copenhagen. I hope you will get your parcel safely

[p. 3] Do not delay making an appointment with the dentist at Bristol dear Jemie the longer it is put off the harder it will be, what costs 2 now, by and by would be double that sum. I hope you clean your teeth night and morning faithfully. Willie is trying to overcome his past neglect and is growing very straight, you will each I trust see a great improvement in the other when you meet again. Oh my own loved Jemie I beseech you to remember your accountability to an ever present Redeemer, strive to improve in every way, your prayers will be fervent for us on the deep I am sure. My[9] heart is bursting with sorrow but my heart is in God. [p. 4] I hope you read aloud to Mr Phillott[10], I long to hear all your course of study. Read only truth my son, now is the age for you to store your memory. Offer my best respects to Mr Phillott, my love to his lady and kisses to their dear little girls. Remember me also to your companions, and write on thin paper next week a close letter to[11] us, Sister[12] will forward it if you send it to her by thursdays mail. God bless you my own precious dear son

Your fond Mother.

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1.  [1848]
Dated with reference to AMW's stay in Britain, and arrival in St Petersburg on 23 September 1848; see AMW to JW, 9 and 22 September 1848, #06359, and #06364.

2.  Anna Matilda Whistler
Anna Matilda Whistler (1804-1881), née McNeill, JW's mother [more].

3.  Steamer City of Aberdeen
Steamer City of Aberdeen (1835-1858), Aberdeen & London Steam Navigation Co. (877 tons.)

4.  Portishead
Eldon Villa, JW's boarding school was at Portishead.

5.  Willie
William McNeill Whistler (1836-1900), physician, JW's brother [more].

6.  Jemie
James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903), artist [more].

7.  Mrs Phillott
Mrs Phillott, wife of Phillott, JW's tutor.

8.  Clevedon
Clevedon, Somerset, England, a Victorian seaside resort, situated some thirteen miles south west of Bristol.

9.  My
'My ... God' continues in the right margin.

10.  Mr Phillott
Phillott, JW's tutor at Portishead [more].

11.  to
'to ... Mother' continues in the margins of p. 1.

12.  Sister
Deborah ('Debo' or 'Sis') Delano Haden (1825-1908), née Whistler, JW's half-sister [more].