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System Number: 02380
Date: 22 March 1881
Author: Jackson and Graham[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler J1
Document Type: MsD

Dated March 22nd 1881.[2]


Between / Messrs:- / Forster Graham / Walter Graham[3] / Wm Edgar Graham / F. H. Biddle / and / Mr J. A. M. Whistler. / for / Ground Floor Studio / Tite Street / Chelsea. S. W.

Jackson & Graham
37 & 38 Oxford Street
London. W,

[p. 2] Terms of Agreement made this twenty-second day of March One thousand eight hundred and eighty one Between Messieurs Forster Graham[,] Walter Graham[,] William Edgar Graham and Frank Hayward Biddle of Nos 30 to 38 Oxford Street in the Parish of Saint Marylebone in the County of Middlesex Upholsterers hereinafter called Landlords of the one part and James Abbott MacNeill Whistler of No. 28 Wimpole Street[4] in the Parish and County aforesaid Artist hereinafter called Tenant of the other part Each for himself themselves his and their executors administrators and assigns.


Whereby the said Landlords agree to let and the said Tenant agrees to rent or take the Studio on Ground Floor Sitting Room Bed Room Bath Room with Lavatory and W. C. thereto appropriated and belonging and a Coal Cellar on Basement - situate and being in Tite Street in the Parish of Chelsea in the County of Middlesex yearly - from the twenty-fifth day of March instant at and for the clear rent or sum of One hundred and fifty pounds per annum payable in four equal quarterly payments of Thirty-seven pounds and ten shillings each - on the four most usual quarter days for payment of rent - namely - the twenty-fourth day of June - the twenty-ninth day of September - the twenty-fifth day of December - and the twenty-fifth day of March in each year [p. 3] - the first quarter to be due and payable on the twenty-fourth day of June next. The said Tenant further agrees to keep and at the end leave the internal portion of the part of the Premises herein described in all respects in a perfectly good state of repair fair wear and tear excepted - or to pay the cost of putting same into such a state of perfect internal repair[.] It is further agreed that the said Tenant shall not underlet or part with his interest in the Premises hereinbefore described or any part thereof without first obtaining the consent in writing of the said Landlords but such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld[.] The said Tenant to pay for all Gas consumed in the portion of the Premises hereinbefore described - and the said Landlords to pay all other rates and taxes.

It is further agreed that the said Tenant shall have the power of obtaining from the Landlords a Lease and Counterpart for 7. 14. or 21 years on the same terms and conditions herein contained - provided such terms and conditions shall have been previously carried out - by giving the said Landlords three months previous notice in writing of such intention[.] Such Lease and Counterpart to contain all usual covenants and conditions - and shall be prepared by the Solicitor of the said Landlords and paid for by the said Tenant

It is finally agreed that the said Landlords shall and will provide a suitable and proper Housekeeper to reside on the Basement of the said Premises and to be at the service of [p. 4] the said Tenant in common with the other Tenants in the said Building - The said Tenant to pay her for her services - as may be agreed upon. And in case two out of three of the resident Tenants of the Building have just cause of complaint against the said Housekeeper and give the said Landlords due notice Thereof - the said Landlords will thereupon have her removed in the usual way and without any loss of time provide another Housekeeper in her place -

As witness the hands of the said parties the day and year first herein written.

'Walter Graham[6]

for self & partners herein designated Landlords -'

Richd Cutting[8]
Estate Agent
37 & 38 Oxford St W'

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1.  Jackson and Graham
Firm of house and estate agents at 30 and 38 Oxford Street.

2.  Dated March 22nd 1881.
Double underlined.

3.  28 Wimpole Street
The address of William McNeill Whistler (1836-1900), physician, JW's brother [more].

Circular seal printed in red with '5/-' written in pencil alongside.

5.  Walter Graham
Walter Graham (b. ca 1831), architect [more].

6.  Walter Graham...Landlords
Written in the hand of Walter Graham.

7.  Witness...Oxford St W
Written in the hand of Richard Cutting.

8.  Richd Cutting
Richard Cutting, lawyer or clerk with Jackson and Graham.