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Mandell Creighton, 1843-1901

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1843.07.05
Place of Birth: Carlisle
Date of Death: 1901.01.14
Place of Death: fulham Palace


Professor Rev. Mandall Creighton was a scholar, historian, connoisseur and bishop of Peterborough and London. He was the eldest son of Robert Creighton of Carlisle, and Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Mandell of Bolton, Cumberland. In 1872 he married Louise von Glehn, the youngest daughter of the London merchant Robert von Glehn.


Creighton became Postmaster at Merton College in Oxford in 1862, a Fellow in 1866 and a tutor in 1867, lecturing in ecclesiastical, Italian and Byzantine history. He was ordained in 1870 and in 1873 took priest's orders. In 1875 he became vicar of Embleton, Northumberland and in 1879 the rural dean of Alnwick. He was appointed examining chaplain to Bishop Wilberforce in 1882. In 1883 he became an honorary canon of Newcastle and in 1884 the first Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History and a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He became the first editor of the English Historical Review in 1886. He was appointed Canon of Worcester in 1885 and Canon of St George's Chapel, Windsor in 1890. He was Bishop of Peterborough in 1891 and of London in 1897. In 1894 he was appointed the first President of the Church Historical Society.

Creighton published a large number of books on the Renaissance, English Reformation and Tudor period, as well as Life of Simon de Montfort (1876), Primer of Roman History (1875), History of England (1879), History of the Papacy during the Period of the Reformation, 5 vols (1882-94) and Epochs of Church History, 16 vols (1887).

On 11 March 1885 he seems to have attended JW's Ten O'Clock Lecture, given at the University Fine Art Society in the Theatre Royal, Cambridge (#12587). Creighton, who was very interested in art, spoke at the R.A. dinner in 1894. He had looked at pictures in Holland and Germany in 1869, and expressed an interest in studying the paintings in the National Gallery, the sculpture and engravings in the British Museum and the pottery in South Kensington Museum. He was appointed a Trustee of the British Museum. His portrait was painted by Hubert Herkomer and Harris Brown, and a monument was erected to him in St Paul's Cathedral by Hamo Thornycroft.


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