The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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System Number: 08540
Date: [8 or 15 March 1901][1]
Author: JW
Place: Ajaccio
Recipient: William Heinemann[2]
Place: [Marseilles]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC
Document Type: ALS




À M. .........


I scarcely expected you would cross last night - and was not at all surprised at your telegram - Still nine passengers arrived this morning! and the boat got in quite early - so perhaps it was not so bad on the water as on the land! -

Letters have come for you - and I am sending them right on to you by the advice of the landlord - he says you receive them tomorrow morning -

They go by this afternoons boat to Marseilles - There is, it appears, also a registered letter for you at the P. O. & a small parcel - They will be told to forward them - I have just wired all this -

Weather miserable! I am [p. 2] tired [two illegible words] of it - This endless doing nothing! and think I shall try & get back - though the getting away is as difficult as the getting here! -

Letters take an endless time -

You had a Standard[3] also - but I have collared that foolish paper! -

De Wet[4] ist noch einmal fort! - and they have bagged another body of Britishers!

Just wire a line to say what day you think you can look in!

Whistler Ajaccio is sufficient - & the Island belongs to me now.

[butterfly signature]

Very nice of you to send me new book! -

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1.  [8 or 15 March 1901]
Dated by address and almanac; '[1901]' inserted by another hand at the top.

2.  William Heinemann
William Heinemann (1863-1920), publisher [more]. He stayed with JW for two weeks in Corsica.

3.  Standard
A London newspaper.

4.  De Wet
Christiaan Rudolph de Wet (1854-1922), Boer general [more]; Ger., De Wet has got away again.