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System Number: 05505
Date: 13 December 1897
Author: Gustav Klimt[1]
Place: [Vienna]
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler S150
Document Type: ALS


Wien IV Plechtengasse 1.

Dear Sir,

The "Vereinigung bildender Künstler Oesterreichs" (Society of Austrian Artists Secession) has constituted itself this year in Vienna for the purpose of bringing the public of Austria into closer contact with the modern artistic productions of all nations, to stimulate and educate the latent interest of the people in the fine and applied arts, to encourage Austrian Artists, and to gain a wider range for all that is true and noble in art.

Our society will endeavour to further its aims in the first place by: Select Exhibitions which will distinguish themselves in a marked degree from the ordinary gigantic "art-warehouses" so refractory to good taste and art; secondly by: the publication of a richly illustrated monthly periodical[2] to which leading modern artists and men of letters have promised to be our regular [p. 2] contributors. Prominent artists of all nations have readily assented to assist us by becoming honorary members of our society and cooperating with us in gaining the object in view.

The "Vereinigung bildender Künstler Oesterreichs" trusts that you, dear Sir, will also lend us your cooperative assistance to the best of your power, accept our offer of honorary membership and thereby contribute to the attainment of our high aim by the weight of your name and influence.

Gustav Klimt


W. Schölermann[3].
General Secretary.


13. December 1897.

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1.  Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), artist [more], was first President of the Vienna Secession. Its first exhibition took place in 1898 at the Gartenbaugebäude, Parkring, Vienna.

2.  periodical
The Ver Sacrum, which also began in 1898.

3.  W. Schölermann
W. Schölermann, General Secretary of the Vereinigung bildender Kϋnstler Oesterreichs.