The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Documents associated with: 94th Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, Royal Academy, London, 1862
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System Number: 09079
Date: [10/20 June 1862][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Edwin Edwards[2]
Repository: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Call Number: Whistler 2
Document Type: ALS

7A Queens Road west
Chelsea -


Dear Charles Price -

I promised Morgan[3], who has the Gallery where is "Ye Whyte Ladye[4]", that you would lend him some nature mortes[5] of Fantin's, or perhaps his portrait of Mrs Edwards[6] to exhibit in this same Gallery - Wont you do this, and send your own sea side picture[7] - at once, or as soon as possible - It is a stunning place and I'll have you well hung - I've got the White Girl as I told [p. 2] you there and I believe also the Piano[8]. - If you are out of the World altogether as I think I heard, can't you get Bishop[9] to see about it without delay.

The address of the Gallery is
14, Berners Street
Mr. Morgan -
My compliments to Mrs Edwards

Ever Yours.


I've been guilty[10] of something in Once a Week[11] !!!!
It hasn't come out yet tho' -
What are you about?
Do just drop a chap a line - you know I never write to anyone but you!

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1.  [10/20 June 1862]
Dated from the reference to The Major's Daughter (M.302) (see below).

2.  Edwin Edwards
Edwin Edwards (1823-1879), lawyer, painter and etcher [more]. The nickname 'Charles Price' has not been explained.

3.  Morgan
Matthew Somerville Morgan (1839-1890), artist and art gallery manager [more].

4.  Ye Whyte Ladye
Symphony in White, No. I: The White Girl (YMSM 38) was shown at the Berner's St Gallery in June 1862 having been rejected by the Royal Academy Hanging Commitee. The picture was reviewed in the Athenaeum on 28 June 1862.

5.  nature mortes
Fr., still lifes. In 1859 JW had introduced Ignace-Henri-Jean-Théodore Fantin-Latour (1836-1904), artist [more], to Matthew White Ridley (1837-1888), painter and etcher [more]. Ridley in turn introduced him to the Edwards in 1861. They supported his work for a number of years, purchasing his flower studies and finding purchasers for his other works. Works owned by Edwards included Fleurs, 1864, F.239.

6.  portrait of Mrs Edwards
H. Fantin-Latour, Portrait de Madame Edwin Edwards (FL.236)(z307). Fantin-Latour worked on this portrait of Elizabeth Ruth Edwards (ca 1833 - d.1907), née Enscombe, wife of Edwin Edwards [more], during a visit to the Edwards' home at Sunbury-on-Thames in 1861. See Druick, Douglas and Michel Hoog, Fantin-Latour, Paris, 1982, (cat. no. 22).

7.  sea side picture
Unidentified. The subject may be of Cornwall as Edwards was fond of painting there. Edwards gave up a successful career as a lawyer to become a landscape painter and etcher. Sea-coast etchings include Edwin Edwards, Lynmouth Harbour (z23) and Edwin Edwards, Plymouth from Mount Edgcumbe (z26). He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1861.

8.  Piano
At the Piano (YMSM 24).

9.  Bishop
Possibly Bethell Bishop, a mutual acquaintance of JW, C. Keene and E. Edwards.

10.  I've been guilty ... but you
Written at right angles to the main text in the left margin.

11.  Once a Week
The Major's Daughter (M.302) was published in Once a Week, 21 June 1862.