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System Number: 04422
Date: 9 May 1901
Author: John Britton Cauldwell[1]
Place: New York
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler P62
Document Type: TL


Southampton, N. Y.,

May 9th, 1901.

Dear Sir:

I have recently been advised that there is little probability of the Diplomas and Medals awarded by the International Juries at the Paris Exposition[2] being delivered this spring.

Having tendered my resignation as Director of Fine Arts, and being no longer connected with the United States Commission to the Paris Exposition, I intend sending your name and address to Professor James H. Gore[3], Director of Jury Organization on the United States Commission, who will forward your diploma, etc., as soon as received from the French Exposition Authorities.

As several months may elapse before they arrive from France I would suggest in case you may desire to make any change in your address that you at once so notify me at Southampton, N. Y.

My attention has been called to certain misleading circulars recently issued from Paris, relating to duplicate Diplomas and Medals, and which have been sent both to exhibitors who did and did not receive awards.

I beg, therefore, to state that my information is to the effect that to each exhibitor who received an award will be forwarded a Diploma in due time, free of charge, and all exhibitors who have been awarded a medal will also receive the regulation bronze medal, free of charge, while those who have been awarded either the gold or silver medal, may, in addition, purchase one in either of those metals or in reproductions of the same, as they may elect.

It is suggested that those intending to make such purchases should communicate with Professor Gore, at the Columbian University, Washington, D. C., who will be pleased to furnish the latest official information on the subject.

Very truly yours,



U. S. Commissioner to the Paris Exposition.

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1.  John B. Cauldwell
John Britton Cauldwell (1855-1932), Director-in-chief of the U. S. Department of Fine Arts at the Exposition Universelle, Paris 1900 [more].

2.  Paris Exposition
JW was awarded gold medals for his paintings and etchings at the Universal Exhibition, Paris, 1900.

3.  Professor James H. Gore
Professor James Howard Gore (1856-1939), Director of Jury Organization on the United States Commission in 1901 [more].