The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Documents associated with: World's Columbian Exposition, Department of Fine Arts, Chicago, 1893
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System Number: 05137
Date: 4 August 1892
Author: Alexander Reid[1]
Place: Glasgow
Recipient: JW
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler R36
Document Type: ALS



4th Aug 1892.

Dear Mr Whistler.

I am in receipt of yours[2] for which many thanks.

As I have said before the last thing in the world I wish is to have any difference or haggling with you.

It has not therefore been without consideration that I made you my propositions anent the Lady Archibald[3]

I understood when I bought the "fur (or furred) jacket[4]["] that I had my choice of it or the Lady Archibald at the same price & I took by preference the "fur jacket" Bref I made you my offers having regard to my own position which certainly has not changed a whit for the better since & which I am afraid you must consider mon dernier mot[5] that is I am willing to buy the picture right out at £600. or do as I did with the other pay you [p. 2] £400, you getting half of whatever profit I got. But possibly you may have something of the same nature as the fur jacket on which you set less store than the Lady Archie & which I might be equally pleased to have. Of course I shall be glad to assist you in any way I can about Chicago[6] in fact I have serious thoughts of going there myself & if you can think of any thing in that connection I shall be glad to hear from you.

With kindest regards to yourself & Mrs Whistler[7] believe me
Yours Sincerely

Alex Reid.

I had great difficulty in understanding what you meant by your "Address[8]" to the postal authorities until I perceived that a piece of thick white paper had been pasted over half of your address label entirely concealing your epistle & I had it taken off but only made out the gist of your meaning a few of the words being indecipherable.


[p. 3] 'Dwarf on bed[9] -
Reading under Mushroom -
Boy in boat -
Boy with fish -'

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1.  Alexander Reid
Alexander Reid (1854-1936), Glasgow dealer [more]. This is a reply to JW's letter, #03201, #05136.

2.  yours
#03201 and #05136 (copy and draft).

3.  Lady Archibald
Arrangement in Black: La Dame au brodequin jaune - Portrait of Lady Archibald Campbell (YMSM 242), which Reid did buy.

4.  fur (or furred) jacket
Arrangement in Black and Brown: The Fur Jacket (YMSM 181).

5.  Chicago
World's Columbian Exposition, Department of Fine Arts, Chicago, 1893.

6.  mon dernier mot
Fr., 'my final word'.

7.  Mrs Whistler
Beatrix Whistler (1857-1896), née Beatrice Philip, artist [more].

8.  Address
JW's 'Open letter to the Postal Authorities', #02700.

9.  Dwarf on bed
These notes, written by JW in purple ink, refer to designs for woodcuts, B. Whistler, Illustrations to F. van Eeden, 'Little Johannes' (z225). The designs are in the Hunterian Art Gallery and Library of Congress. They were never published.