The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Documents associated with: 5th Exhibition, Society of Portrait Painters, London, 1895
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System Number: 07816
Date: [October 1895?][1]
Author: JW
Place: Lyme Regis
Recipient: Joseph Pennell[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC 272/6/4
Document Type: ALS

The Royal Lion - Lyme Regis
Dorset -

My dear Joseph -

Delighted to have your letter - and nice of you to write the news of the Private View - I am glad that you like the Carmen[3] - Some of the lithographs[4] are absolute failures and I shall destroy them - Some have come out well - but I must do better yet

[p. 2] George Moore[5] must have been a spectacle of degradation before his portrait! -

I saw when I was in town the portrait of Lady Eden[6] by the unfortunate Prince Troubetskoy[7]! - What a fate! -

Rather fine if you were to get off something about its being clear judgeing by the latest [illegible] painting of Mr Whistler why Mr. Moore objected to being shot[8] at by the nearsighted man who did that head! - What do you think?

Does Whibley[9] say when he is coming to town? I wish you would write me a post card to tell me -

I will see about what you say a propos of an Exhibition of the lithographs

With kindest regards -

[butterfly signature]

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1.  [October 1895?]
The date '[1895]' has been added at the top of the letter in an unknown hand. Dated by the reference to 'Carmen', (see below).

2.  Joseph Pennell
Joseph Pennell (1860-1926), printer and illustrator, JW's biographer [more].

3.  Carmen
Crimson note: Carmen (YMSM 441), on show at the 5th Exhibition, Society of Portrait Painters, London, 1895.

4.  lithographs
JW had an exhibition shortly afterwards, Mr Whistler's Lithographs, The Fine Art Society, London, 1895.

5.  George Moore
George Moore (1852-1933), novelist and art critic [more].

6.  Lady Eden
Lady Sybil Frances Eden (1867-1945), née Grey [more]. JW's own portrait of her was Brown and Gold: Portrait of Lady Eden (YMSM 408).

7.  Prince Troubetskoy
Prince Paul Troubetzkoy (1866-1938), sculptor.

8.  shot
JW had challenged Moore to a duel, which he declined.

9.  Whibley
Charles Whibley (1859-1930), writer and journalist [more].