The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Documents associated with: 3rd Exhibition, International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers, London, 1901
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System Number: 00083
Date: [11 September 1901][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Inez Addams[2]
Place: Paris
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler A83
Document Type: ALS

8 Fitzroy Street

A line to say that "La Parisienne"[3] - and a head by Monsieur The Ex Massier[4] (portrait of himself?) might now be sent over -

Also the Aprentices might send a couple of the Dieppe shops[5] -

Guinchard[6] will do all this for you as he did before -

& I will see to the Army! Some of pen & ink drawings might come - say half a dozen -

I want also [p. 2] the Proposition No 2[7] - (I mean concerning low in tone -

Send me this in a letter - I shall quote from it for the Catalogue -

In great haste and with many amiable things to you both -

[butterfly signature]

Have been very much disturbed and so occupied with the vilains[8] of which you know that nothing else would go on[9] -

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Madame Clifford Addams -
9. Rue Falgu[i]ère
ancienne rue des Fourneaux -
pres la rue de Vaugirard
[stamp:] POSTAGE & REVENUE / 2 1/2 d
[postmark:] LONDON W / 6 PM / SP 11 / 01
[postmarks x 2 on verso:] PARIS [45?] / 1E / [illegible] / 01


1.  [11 September 1901?]
Dated from the postmark.

2.  Inez Addams
Inez Eleanor Addams (fl. 1898-1927), née Bate, painter [more]. Addams was one of the first students at the Académie Carmen, the Paris atelier opened by Carmen Rossi, model, proprietess of the Académie Carmen [more], where JW taught occasionally from 1898-1901. Addams became legally articled to JW as an apprentice on 20 July 1899 (see indentureship, #00019).

3.  La Parisienne
A portrait by Clifford Isaac Addams (1876-1942), etcher [more].

4.  head by Monsieur The Ex Massier
Clifford Isaac Addams (1876-1942), etcher [more], became JW's second apprentice after the closure of the Académie Carmen in April 1901. The self-portrait has not been located.

5.  Dieppe shops
The Addams had worked in Dieppe through the summer. JW wanted their oils for inclusion in the 3rd Exhibition, International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers, London, 1901. I. Addams, Portrait (z249) and I. Addams, Shopfront (z250) were reproduced in the catalogue; see the letter from R. B. Philip to I. Addams, 30 September 1901, #04814.

6.  Guinchard
Guinchard, unidentified.

7.  would go on
Written at right-angles to the main text, in the right-hand margin.

8.  Proposition No 2
JW had lithographic copies made of his Propositions; this one was priginally published in 1884: Whistler, James McNeill, 'L'Envoie.' Preface to 'Notes' - 'Harmonies' - 'Nocturnes', exhibition catalogue, Messrs Dowdeswell's Gallery, London, 1884.

9.  vilains
Alexander Reid (1854-1936), Glasgow dealer [more], apparently received works stolen (according to JW) from JW's studio in Paris before July 1901 (see JW to J. J. Cowan, #00746). Cowan had purchased Alice Butt (2) (YMSM 438) and The Bridesmaid (YMSM 487) from Reid in April 1900 for £450 and £135 respectively but later became suspicious of the signature.