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Documents associated with: 64th Annual Exhibition, Royal Society of British Artists, London, 1887
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System Number: 05278
Date: January 1887
Author: Horace Henry Cauty[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler R174
Document Type: PL[2]



64th ANNUAL EXHIBITION, 1887.[3]

Exhibitors are respectfully informed that the days appointed for the reception of Works of Art intended for the Annual Exhibition at the Society's Galleries are Monday the 147th and Tuesday the 158th of March next.

Sculpture will be received on Saturday the 26th of March.

No copy from any Picture, Print, or Drawing (except Miniature-enamels) can be admitted.

No work can be admitted for Exhibition which has been previously exhibited in London.

Each work sent must be numbered, and accompanied by a description in writing of such Work, addressed to the Secretary, on the annexed form, the insertion of such description in the Catalogue to be subject to the approbation of the Council. The hanging of pictures will be greatly facilitated by the name of the Artist, with the number of the Picture, being placed in front of each Work, by ticket, as well as at the back. Particular attention is requested to the observance of this regulation, its omission occasioning much inconvenience and difficulty in identifying Works. No unfinished Work can be admitted into the Exhibition unless as a sketch, to be so described in the Catalogue.

A commission of ten per cent. will be charged on all Works sold at the Society's Exhibitions, whether sold by the Artists themselves or by the Society, and no other charge will be made in respect of any Works sent for exhibition. This commission will be charged on the FIRST price sent with any Work of Art.

Any purchaser failing to complete the purchase, the deposit, if any, will be handed to the Artist, the Society having no further liability.

All works sent for Exhibition are subject to the approval of the Council, and must be delivered at the Society's Galleries, free of any expense or charge to the Society, on the days appointed for their reception; and all such Works must be removed from the premises of the Society within one week after the close of the Exhibition. The Society will not only be irresponsible for the safe keeping or return of any Works left beyond that period, but will also charge warehouse-room for the same.

No Work sent for exhibition, and accepted, can be removed until the close of the Exhibition.

Every possible care will be taken of Works forwarded for Exhibition; but the Society will not be responsible for accidental injury or loss; nor can the Society receive any Works packed in cases; all such Works must be forwarded to a London agent to be unpacked and delivered. No Work of Art of a value less than £5 can be accepted for exhibition.



January, 1887.

[p. 2] [a form for artists' use when sending in works for exhibition, with columns for number, oil and water colour titles, and price. Left blank.]

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1.  Horace Henry Cauty
Horace Henry Cauty (1846-1909), historical and genre painter [more].

2.  PL
The whole of this form is printed, with insertions to dates in paragraph one in red ink.

3.  64th ANNUAL EXHIBITION, 1887.
JW had taken office as President in December 1886, so this was to be the first exhibition controlled by him.