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Documents associated with: 6th Internationale Kunst-Ausstellung, Munich, 1892
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System Number: 04221
Date: 26 November 1892
Author: Adolf Paulus[1]
Place: Munich
Recipient: Metcalf[2]
Place: [unknown]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler M491
Document Type: ALS

Munich, Arcisstr.[3] 6 / 0

26. November 1892.

Dear Mr Metcalf,

Returned from Württemberg yesterday I found your esteemed letter of 20th inst.

Our Exhibition closed end of October and almost all the pictures got returned already. Your "Little White girl[4]" was sent to Mr. Potter[5]. The Committee for the Pinakothek wished to buy it in [the] Summer and ordered the Secretary Mr Jobelmann[6] to write to Mr Potter if he would sell it and what the price would be. A month ago perhaps I asked Piglhein[7], one of the members of the Committee, why they did not buy this picture; he said, they would have bought it at a reasonable price but they never received an answer as Mr Jobelmann said.

[p. 2] In consequence of that Ulrich[8] wrote to Mr. Potter who informed him, that he never had received any letter or wire on this concern from Munich and if they had intention to buy it they may write and he will give then them the answer.

The Committee had however spent during that time all the money and could no more buy it.

Believe me, dear Mr Whistler,
Very sincerely yours

Adolf Paulus.

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1.  Adolf Paulus
Adolf Paulus (b. 1851), business manager of the Kϋnstlergenossenschaft and instigator of the Munich Secession in 1893 [more].

2.  Arcisstr
Arcisstrasse is a street close to the Pinakothek (art gallery).

3.  Metcalf
Metcalf, unidentified.

4.  Little White girl
Symphony in White, No. 2: The Little White Girl (YMSM 52).

5.  Mr. Potter
John Charles Potter (1854-1920), wallpaper manufacturer and collector [more].

6.  Mr Jobelmann
Otto Jobelmann, Secretary to the Munich Austellung of 1892 [more].

7.  Piglhein
Elimar Ulrich Bruno Piglhein (1848-1894), painter and sculptor, first President of the Munich Secession [more].

8.  Ulrich
Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908), genre painter [more].