The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Documents associated with: 64th Annual Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, 1894-1895
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System Number: 03213
Date: 4 March [1894][1]
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: Alexander Reid[2]
Place: Glasgow
Repository: Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Call Number: FGA Whistler 237
Credit Line: Charles Lang Freer Papers, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.: Gift of the Estate of Charles Lang Freer
Document Type: ALS

110. Rue du Bac - Paris.

Sunday March 4 1849 [3].

Dear Mr Reid -

So then I suppose that, after all, it has turned out all right - and that as Mr Collie[4] has got the "Music Room[5]", it has really come back to you - as you are together -

About the medal[6] - I enclose the official letter - from which I should think that it is the only gold medal awarded - as it stands to [p. 2] reason that the "Temple" gentleman is not likely to have left half a dozen to be given away each year - Wherefore it seems to me that your announcement might simply be that The "Temple Gold Medal" of Philadelphia has been awarded by the Jury to Mr Whistler -

Please send me back the letter at once -

What made you think that the Seapieces were badly hung at the Grafton[7]? - Everybody wrote to say what beautiful places had been given them -

It seems to me that the Chicago[8] pictures might well go to Boston - but Providence I never should have supposed to be important -

Very faithfully

[butterfly signature]

Let us hear any news -

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Alexander Reid - Esq
La Société des Beaux Arts
227. West George Street
Glasgow -
[postmark:] [PARIS-80?] / R. DU BAC / [...] / [MARS 4?] / 94
[postmark on verso:] GLASGOW / [159] / FF*P / MR 5 / [94]


1.  4 March [1894]
Year dated from the postmark.

2.  Alexander Reid
Alexander Reid (1854-1936), Glasgow dealer [more].

3.  1849 [sic]
The date was written incorrectly by JW, the '9' and the '4' being written in the wrong order.

4.  Mr Collie
Arthur Leslie Collie (ca 1834-1905), sculptor and 'art decorator' [more].

5.  Music Room
Harmony in Green and Rose: The Music Room (YMSM 34).

6.  the medal
JW was informed that he had been awarded the Temple Gold Medal at the 64th Annual Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, 1894-1895, in a letter of 16 February 1894 (untraced, see #02691).

7.  Grafton
Violet and Silver: A Deep Sea (YMSM 411), The Violinist (YMSM 422), and Violet and Blue: Among the Rollers (YMSM 413) were shown at the galleries during the show of Fair Women, Grafton Galleries, London, 1894.

8.  Chicago
Arrangement in Black and Brown: The Fur Jacket (YMSM 181) and Arrangement in Black: La Dame au brodequin jaune - Portrait of Lady Archibald Campbell (YMSM 242) had been in the World's Columbian Exposition, Department of Fine Arts, Chicago, 1893.