The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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System Number: 01518
Date: 27 June 1900
Author: Charles Lang Freer[1]
Place: Detroit
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler F450
Document Type: ALS[2]

Detroit. Michigan

June 27th, 1900.

My dear Mr Whistler:-

Your message, through Mr. Marchant[3], of the Goupil Galleries, has just reached me and I am delighted to know that I am soon to have the beautiful portrait of the "Little Lady of Soho[4]". [p. 2] I have asked Mr Marchant to attend to the packing and forwarding - May I ask you to take the trouble to make the usual declaration at the U. S. Consulate, No. 12, St. Helen's Place? I dislike to put you to so much trouble, but our Custom's law requires it, or, the payment of 20% duty -

Kindly remember that I am still in your financial debt for the price of the little nude[5] [p. 3] figure (a great gem) that I brought home with me last fall, the etchings sent to me by the Society of the Butterfly[6], and the portrait to be forwarded by Mr Marchant. Will you let me know how much I may have the pleasure of remitting? Perhaps you may have finished the two small pictures which were in your studio and which you said I might have when completed, If so I would [be] glad to have them sent over with [p. 4] the portrait and the small water color[7] in the possession of the Society of the Butterfly, chosen by me last summer -

You are very well, I trust. What is the Paris Exhibition like? Our American papers have said many pleasant things about your portrait[8] of yourself - I would like to see it.

I am thinking of visiting Capri next September, and of returing returning via Paris and London - Are you likely to be in either of those cities during the latter part of September or early in October?

Shall the "Little Blue Girl[9]" be ready for her[10] trip to this side, by that time?

With every good wish,
Very sincerely yours,

Charles L. Freer.

James McNeill Whistler, Esq.

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1.  Charles Lang Freer
Charles Lang Freer (1856-1919), industrialist, collector and founder of the Freer Gallery of Art [more].

2.  ALS
Published in Merrill, Linda, With Kindest Regards. The Correspondence of Charles Lang Freer and James McNeill Whistler, 1890-1903, Washington and London, 1995.

3.  Mr. Marchant
William Stephen Marchant (1868-1925), art dealer [more].

4.  Little Lady of Soho
Rose and Gold: The Little Lady Sophie of Soho (YMSM 504).

5.  nude
Possibly Rose and Brown: La Cigale (YMSM 495).

6.  Society of the Butterfly
The business established to sell JW's work, at Hinde Street.

7.  water color
Chelsea Children (M.1511), from the Company of the Butterfly.

8.  portrait
Brown and Gold (YMSM 440); it was shown at Universal Exhibition, Paris, 1900.

9.  Little Blue Girl
Harmony in Blue and Gold: The Little Blue Girl (YMSM 421).

10.  ready for her...Whistler, Esq.
The remainder of the letter is written in the left margin of p. 4.