The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler

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Documents associated with: 62nd Annual Exhibition, v, London, 1885
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System Number: 10541
Date: [10 June 1885?][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London?]
Recipient: Louise Jopling[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Published
Document Type: PLc[3]

If you only knew how really I have been engulfed in this exhibition business[4] you would forgive!

Walter Sickert[5] has, of course, been carried off by his wife[6] and the house furnishing - and I do hope that the plate[7] that [I] liked is properly bitten in - if not, send it by bearer to me.

Here is a card for Saturday. If you have one already, send it back - but I shall certainly not forgive you if you don't come.

Do come.

[butterfly signature]

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1.  [10 June 1885?]
After 10 June 1885, the date of the Sickerts' marriage (see note below).

2.  Louise Jopling
Louise Jopling (1843-1933), née Goode, later Mrs Jopling-Rowe, artist [more].

3.  PLc
Published in Jopling, Louise, Twenty Years of My Life, 1867 to 1887, London, 1925, p. 227.

4.  exhibition
Perhaps an allusion to recent exhibitions to which JW sent works, such as 62nd Annual Exhibition, Society of British Artists, London, 1885, and 103rd exhibition, Ouvrages de peinture, sculpture, architecture, gravure et lithographie des artistes vivants, Palais des Champs Elysées, Paris, 1885. The SBA exhibition held its Private View on 18 April and the Salon opened on 1 May.

5.  Walter Sickert
Walter Richard Sickert (1860-1942), artist and writer on art [more].

6.  wife
Ellen Melicent Sickert (1848-1914), née Cobden, writer [more]. The Sickerts married on 10 June 1885.

7.  plate
Jopling etched a portrait of Sickert (see Jopling 1925, op. cit.).