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Documents associated with: 64th Annual Exhibition, Royal Society of British Artists, London, 1887
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System Number: 10035
Date: [3/10 April 1887?][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Thomas Waldo Story[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Centre, University of Texas at Austin, TX
Call Number: Ms Misc II. B
Document Type: ALS


Well well Waldino my dear Waldino -

it is almost hopeless to "begin back" and say all the things that are to be said! - we must wait for you here - Only there are lots[3] to be told - and I have been so much in it all!!

Hurrah! Waldo - I can't tell [p. 2] you how delighted I am that you are in the Suffolk Street[4] matter now -

And it is something let me tell you to be there now! I have made it worth your coming into -

Last election I made them a speech and purposely refrained from putting you up - and every mother's son of them was pilled!!! to the amazement of all London! -

This time only you - sculptor & Roussel[5] - painter - (he has done an extraordinary picture![)] -

and Charles Keen[6] - Honorary Member! - to the dismay of the Academy -

I have your Black Prince[7] - and of course made much of it to the Royal Boy[8] who came with the Princess!! and was received by the new President and the bewildered Council! -

Hurry up my dear Waldo and come - Things 'Amazing'! without end -

[p. 3] I make the old chaps speeches every time they get together and do so want you there to be in it all! -

As to the show you should see it - nothing like it in London -

Little [ammities?] passing - and I have been to dine with Leighton[9]!! - -

Amazing! amazing -

Also Hurlbert[10] and I working together wondrous results!

Dined at Becket's[11] a while ago - with your handsome Cousin[12] hostess - she is charming! -

Also you never saw Oscar's[13] scalp I took in the World! you were away -

Everything delightful to Mrs Waldo[14] - and do come -


[butterfly signature]

I had you[15] proposed by Maclean[16]! the sculptor! you remember!!. - So you must write him a line -

T. Maclean - 13. Bruton Street - Grosvenor Square

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1.  [3/10 April 1887?]
Dated by reference to exhibition (see below).

2.  Thomas Waldo Story
Thomas Waldo Story (1854-1915), sculptor [more]. JW refers to him affectionately as 'Waldino'.

3.  lots
'lots' is double underlined.

4.  Suffolk Street
Location of the gallery of the Society of British Artists. JW had successfully proposed Story as a member of the SBA.

5.  Roussel
Theodore Roussel (1847-1926), painter and print-maker [more].

6.  Charles Keen
Charles Samuel Keene (1823-1891), etcher, cartoonist and illustrator [more].

7.  Black Prince
A sculpture by Story of Edward, the Black Prince.

8.  Royal Boy
Albert Edward Saxe-Coburg (1841-1910), H.R.H. The Prince of Wales [more]. JW invited the Prince and Princess of Wales to the Private View on 2 April of 64th Annual Exhibition, Royal Society of British Artists, London, 1887 (#01044).

9.  Leighton
Frederic Leighton (1830-1896), painter and sculptor [more].

10.  Hurlbert
William Henry Hurlbert (1827-1895), journalist and author, editor-in-chief of the New York World from 1876-1883 [more].

11.  Becket's
Possibly William Gervase Beckett (1866-1937), MP, living at Nun Appleton, Yorkshire.

12.  Cousin
Not identified.

13.  Oscar's
Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wilde (1854-1900), writer, critic and playwright [more]. JW had mocked Wilde in a letter, suggesting he was dead (Whistler, James McNeill, [Letter Read to the Members of the National Art Exhibition], The World: A Journal For Men and Women, no. 646, vol. 25, 17 November 1886, p. 16; see Getscher, Robert H., and Paul G. Marks, James McNeill Whistler and John Singer Sargent. Two Annotated Bibliographies, New York and London, 1986, B. 39).

14.  Mrs. Waldo
Ada Maud Story (1856-1932), née Broadwood [more].

15.  I had you
The remaining text is written in the left margin.

16.  Maclean
Thomas Nelson MacLean (1845-1894), sculptor [more].