The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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Jane Noseda, 1813 or 1814-??

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1813 or 1814
Place of Birth: Strand, London
Date of Death:
Place of Death:


Mrs Jane Noseda, the wife of Urban Noseda, was a print seller and print publisher in the Strand.


Noseda had for a time in her possession Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Painter's Mother (YMSM 101), which she apparently offered for sale for £100 to JW's anger. She also later held Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket (YMSM 170) and Arrangement in Brown (YMSM 182), two of four pictures deposited with her by Charles Augustus Howell, who often acted as intermediary between herself and JW [#12735, #12061, #12065]. Noseda and her husband were subpoenaed to produce both these works at JW's libel trial against John Ruskin in 1878 [#08905, #11946, #13279]. Noseda also acquired a number of JW's sketches [see Studies for the Mummy Cloth & Notes for Dress (M.568)] and etchings including The Storm (K.81), Speke Hall, No.1 (K.96), The Boy (K.135), Two Ships (K.148), London Bridge (K.153), Price's Candle Works (K.154), Little Smithfield (K.160) and Irving as Philip of Spain, No.1 (K.170) / Irving as Philip of Spain, No.2 (K.171) [#02829]. In 1881, at the age of sixty-seven, Noseda was a patient at the house of Edmund Smeeth, Southwark. A print sale of the late Urban Noseda was held at Sotheby's, London, on 2-4 June 1909.


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