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Louise Chandler Moulton, 1835-1908

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1835.10.04
Place of Birth: Pomfret, CT
Date of Death: 1908
Place of Death:


Louise Chandler Moulton, née Ellen Louise Chandler, was a school-friend of JW in Pomfret, Connecticut, who became a writer and poet. In 1855 she married William U. Moulton, a Boston editor.


Moulton was a poetess, novelist, newspaper correspondent, critic and social reformer. Her literary début was made with a collection of stories and poems, This, That and the Other (1853). She became a regular contributor to journals such as the Atlantic Monthly, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Century, Scribner's Magazine, Galaxy, Godey's Lady's Book and Youth's Companion.

Her poems include 'A Man's Repentance' (1860), 'Lost Love: Its Resurrection' (1863), 'Household Gods' (1868), 'May-Flowers' (1871), 'A Madrigal' (1876), 'Midwinter Flowers (To E. C. S.)' (1879), 'Love's Empty House' (1882), 'Love's Resurrection Day' (1884), 'In Bohemia' (1889), 'Lethe' (1893) and 'Land of My Dreams' (1894). Her books include Bedtime Stories, Lazy Tours in Spain and Elsewhere, Little Mother, Some Women's Hearts and Fleeing from Tah.

She also edited several volumes, including The Collected Poems of Philip Bourke Marston and Arthur O'Shaughnessy: His Life and His Work. From 1870 to 1876 she was the Boston correspondent of the New York Tribune.

She frequented the Boston and London literary salons, and in the late 1870s she was among those in JW's social circle (#10546).


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