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John Hazlehurst Boneval Latrobe, 1803-1891

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1803
Place of Birth: Philadelphia
Date of Death: 1891
Place of Death: Baltimore, MD


He was the son of Benjamin Henry and Mary E. (Hazlehurst) Latrobe. He married twice: 1. Margaret Stuart. 2. Charlotte Chairborne. He had eight children.


He attended the USMA, West Point, NY, 1816-20. He was admitted to the Maryland bar in 1824. He was the founder of the Maryland Institute for Promotion of Mechanic Arts in 1825, and invented the Latrobe stove. He was the President of the American Colonization Society from 1853-90, and founder of the Maryland Historical Society. He was one of the founders of the Republic of Liberia. In 1855, when Ross Winans was involved in litigation with the Russian government, Latrobe studied the Russian language and argued the cases before the Russian courts. His publications included Argument delivered May 1 and 2 in Case of Ross Winans v. New York and Harlem Railroad Company in the District Court of the US for the Southern District of New York before a Jury, Hon. Samuel R. Betts District Judge, Baltimore, 1855; Hints for Six Months in Europe (1869); Odds and Ends (1876).


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