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George Henry Hathaway, 1843-1931

Nationality: Australian
Date of Birth: 1843.05.19
Place of Birth: New Sydney, Australia
Date of Death: 1931.04.07
Place of Death:


George Henry Hathaway was the son of a merchant, Elisha and Sarah Hathaway. His brother Frederick W. Hathaway was working with him in Boston by 1880.


He was a businessman and President of the Redpath Lyceum Bureau of 36 Bromfield Street, Boston, and the Tribune Building, Chicago.

Hathaway came to the U.S. in 1854. The Redpath Lyceum Bureau, for which he worked in Boston, specialised in the promotion of lectures, concerts and other entertainments. In 1885, encouraged by the actress and stage manager Helen Lenoir, Hathaway considered inviting JW to give his Ten O'Clock Lecture in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington. He was to take 'a percentage of the receipts', but he was not willing to 'undertake any risk or pay any uncertainty' (#00927). However, he decided to postpone the invitation, considering JW to be 'rather a doubtful card' (#02054). JW never made the proposed lecture tour.


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