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Antoinette Gaƫtano, ca 1849-??

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 1849 ca
Place of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:


Mlle 'Nita' Gaëtano was a singer. She married Lynedoch Moncrieff in 1878.


Gaëtano was a good friend of Jopling and others in JW's circle, and frequently took part in musical soirées. Jopling wrote in her memoir that Gaetano, 'sings American nigger songs in a most seductive manner.' A cartoon by George Du Maurier of a soiree at Jopling's around 1875, entitled 'Music at Home', shows Gaëtano in the company of Jopling, Frederick Leighton and JW (#02832).

According to Jopling, JW, Tosti and some Italians gave Gaëtano and herself a special Italian dinner at Pagani's, the renowned restaurant on Great Portland Street, where they added their signatures to Pagani's walls.

Gaëtano was a prompter in 1876 for Jopling's drawing room plays, which were written by Lady Lindsay, and in which Lylie Lindsay (Duchess of Rutland), Lady Rosehill and Jopling played the female parts and the artist Charles Hallé played the male part. According to Jopling she could 'never refrain from tears during the rehearsal, and, on the night of the play, the Countess of Lindsay declared that she had used up three pocket-handkerchiefs!' She also sat to Jopling for her portrait.

On 6 July 1877 Gaëtano gave a concert in the Peacock Room at Leyland's London home at Princes' Gate at which Lady Lindsay played on the violin (#05864).

JW knew her in the late 1870s and early 1880s (see 'Thoughts at Sunrise' by Nita Moncrieff (M.833)).


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